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“Nuns On The Broom”: Dreams Abruptly Shattered

The news was so bad not even flying could not give the poor wymyn any joy…

A very bad day today for the mad nuns of LCWR. In fact, one can say this was the worst possible day for them. We had been wondering how Pope Francis would deal with the witches. Today there is a great deal of clarity.

Visiting them, Archbishop Mueller – a man who, to them, must appear orthodox – has, after the usual nice words, dished the brutal fact that the Pope will change absolutely nothing in the way Pope Benedict was dealing with them.

Don’t believe me? try this (emphases mine):

Archbishop Müller informed the Presidency that he had recently discussed the Doctrinal Assessment with Pope Francis, who reaffirmed the findings of the Assessment and the program of reform for this Conference of Major Superiors.

No change in the diagnosis of the disease, and no change in the prescription of the – possible – cure. Nothing was – as I write – given to them, not even a little formal concession to allow them to save faces; merely the introductory diplomatic formalities meaning, well, nothing. Other than that, there was truly, I should I say it… nothing.

Nichts. Niente. Nada.

This must have felt, to the poor witches, like a kick in the balls they have always wished they had. Look, they had such high hopes, what with the friend of the poor, and all that! Surely, the Pope will understand their uh oh ah sooo passionate defence of the poor is more important than the small detail of the countless heresies they encourage or openly profess? And now, this?! Only because they use a broom to fly, instead of an aeroplane like those chauvinist enemies of Goddess Earth? It’s not to be believed…

The situation of the viragos will now be, from our perspective, an absolute delight to watch. They have hailed Francis as an ideological friend, much different from Adolf Benedict. They are now told in no uncertain term Francis and Benedict are, whatever their differences, in full agreement about them.

Oh, this will be such fun…

Unless Pope Francis makes a bad move and lets the slap in the face be followed by some pat on the back in the next days – a typical face-saving measure after a hard treatment, like kicking out a Cardinal and offering him some Roman Holidays – the entire left-wing group – remember Kueng’s (yes, this here) and Boff’s enthusiasm? – will have a rather difficult time.

There will a lot of whining now. Or perhaps they will “threaten” to disband… again? Please, God…

Still, we must remain realistic. It’s not that Pope Benedict was using the sledgehammer against those harridans. He had merely decided that after more than 40 years of scandalous inaction it was time for some very gentle, and extremely slow correction, probably leaving them free to do as they please anyway so long as they live. At the same time, the fact alone that there will no change with Benedict’s policy is a very big signal not only to the broom-flyers, but to the entire deluded dissenting camp.

A good day, today.

I mean, for us…


Gosnell Special

Nazi abortionist conveniently ignored: Kermit Gosnell

I have not written about the Gosnell affair yet, because time is a tyrant. Still, I have followed regularly not only the flow of atrocious details from the Catholic and the conservative press, but the other scandal of the main (read: liberal) media making the impossible to ignore the matter; a very stupid endeavour in a free society, which predictably led to back pedalling.

For those who want to read more (attention: this is atrocious stuff to be kept absolutely out of children’s reach) ” The Pulpit” has a “Gosnell Special”. If you feel like delving into the atrocious details of the matter and the scandalous treatment given (or not given) to it by the media you can do worse than start from there.

To think that in Ireland a huge mess was started for the death of a pregnant woman in a hospital, and now many feel (idiots don’t think; they feel; less work, and one can “feel good”) abortion laws should be changed because of one death that was most certainly not a murder.

Mala Tempora currunt


The Liturgy And The World

Those who follow this blog already know that I fully subscribe to the Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi saying. The Liturgy is, if you ask me, the key that opens all the doors necessary to the recovery of the Church after the devastation – not coincidentally: also a liturgical devastation – of the Second Vatican Council.

Consequently, I also fully subscribe to the “save the liturgy, save the world” motto. The result of this is that I must be equally persuaded that as long as the liturgy isn't saved, the world as such will not improve a bit.

From this derives, with elegant inevitability, that whatever a Pope does will ultimately not be worth much, until and unless said Pope improves the liturgical habit of the Church.

This we have seen brutally at work in the last 50 years: a string of Popes who were generally considered very pious or at least good-intentioned; world travelling like it's going out of fashion; full airports and media frenzy. At the end of all this, sodomy is being legislated for, the number of European and South American churchgoers decreases, and the very concept of what makes one a Catholic is very blurred in most.

This will, of course, continue with Pope Francis. Unless the Holy Father continues the slow work of repair of the Liturgy started by his predecessor, his Papacy will be ultimately ineffective at the very best.

We must keep this in mind when we observe Pope Francis' pontificate, and avoid the easy – and cheesy – enthusiasm of the usual cheerleaders; cheerleaders who get excited like girls waiting for the rock star when the Pope forces the Swiss Guard to disobey his captain's orders and to sit on a chair, and in his moving goodness brings him something to eat, poor starving creature…

Still, it has been traditionally believed that the ability to bear adversities patiently is a sign of predestination. We can, therefore, try to do our best to let this papacy works for us, no matter what. One day, the Liturgy will be repaired and with it, in time, the world.

At the end of the story, though, there will be no saving the world until the Liturgy is saved first. I can't imagine it will start with Pope Francis.



Miami: Victory For The Nuns

The City of Miami had just discovered, to their astonishment, that Mother Teresa did not run a business.

The City of Miami had just discovered, to their astonishment, that Mother Teresa did not run a business.

I have already reported of the astonishing behaviour of – probably – some Anti-Christian smartass trying to stop the activity of the Missionaries of Charity in Miami under the original pretext that… they do not have authorisation to conduct a business.

I had, one week ago, forecast that the city of Miami would be forced to backpedal soon.

Well, it has happened now, and the problems posed to the Sisters’ activity are now out of the way.

Just some short remarks here:

1. This isn’t good news in the proper sense. This is merely the avoidance of an unbelievable conspiracy against Christians, tantamount to their open persecution qua Christians. If such an absurd measure had been found to stand in court, that would have been the huge (that is: hugely bad) news.

2. The city of Miami had already had another case of “amnesia” in 2002, and were sured by the exhibition of a permit issued in 1982. One truly wonders at the inventiveness and perseverance of Miami city officials. Again, I cannot imagine this to be the result of the initiative of some overzealous chap with an obsession for good administration. This can only be will to persecute the sisters. 

3. The official reason as to why this has happened has now emerged:

Gort [city official] said hospital employees and elderly women complained that hundreds of people would mill in the street outside the mission before mealtimes, then afterward as well. Some would relieve themselves in public; others were “becoming very aggressive in their panhandling,” Gort said.

I am not persuaded. This isn’t a problem of having a business or not; this is not even a problem related to whether the sister are authorised to their clearly non business related activity. Every half decent, or even half smart,  decent chap aware of such problem would talk to them first and see what can be done (not much, is the answer; besides more police present and swift punishment of the culprits). 

But no: slap a paper from the city to the clueless sisters with the first pretext available and hope they will be intimidated into folding.



Father Garrigou-Lagrange On Deathbed Conversion

The Deathbed Conversion Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

Some time ago I read a book from the great theologian Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, called Life Everlasting.

I have found on the Internet the following excerpt from this book and I remember being as struck now as when I first read it directly from the book.

I copy the passage here in its entirety.


Deathbed conversion, however difficult, is still possible. Even when we see no sign of contrition, we can still not affirm that, at the last moment, just before the separation of soul from body, the soul is definitively obstinate. A sinner may be converted at that last-minute in such fashion that God alone can know it. The holy Cure of Ars, Divinely enlightened, said to a weeping widow: “Your prayer, Madame, has been heard. Your husband is saved. When he threw himself into the Rhone, the Blessed Virgin obtained for him the grace of conversion…

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