Tony Nicklinson, The Man Who Would Be Damned.

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Today’s newspapers/internet magazines are full of the story of the man who asked the court whether he could be legally murdered. The court said to him “no, you can’t” and the chap apparently cried in front of journalists (there are photos on the internet, at the very least) at being informed England is not so Nazi yet and he will have to leave until it pleases God in His wisdom (that’s not what the judges said; but you get my drift…) to put an end to his days.

Only one week or so later, the chap has… died, apparently of …”natural causes”. Pneumonia, says the coroner. Oh well. As the coroner says so and risks jail if he invents tales, we  will assume that there was nothing fishy in this death and will proceed to make some consideration from this point of view.

You can calculate for yourself the probability of…

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