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The North Koreans Within The Vatican

The Cardinal was persuaded the Holy Spirit Car only needed some changes here and there...

The Cardinal was persuaded the Holy Spirit Car only needed some changes here and there to become a Mercedes…

Some funny lines from Cardinal Kasper today. One of them runs thus:

“For most Catholics, the developments put in motion by the Council are part of the Church’s daily life. But what they are experiencing is not the great new beginning nor the springtime of the Church, which were expected at that time, but rather a Church that has a wintery look, and shows clear signs of crisis.”

You truly would believe a North Korean Official is speaking: we have now made our revolution, but look: we were expecting so much and things ain’t fine at all (North Korean version: we’re starving. Vatican version: we’re dying in the West).

Other than a North Korean Official, Cardinal Kasper goes as far as to say that there are “clear signs of crisis”, which means that he is not entirely gaga after all (don’t laugh: some of these cardinal truly give the impression they are,  and this is the most charitable interpretation for their antics). So, we were expecting such great things from the Holy Ghost, how is it that the goods weren’t delivered?

In pure North Korean Style, the Cardinal seems to think the New Gospel of the Holy Ghost was just not implemented enough. We now need a “new phase”.  This sounds more like the “Perestroika” talking of the dying years of the Soviet Union.

Think of cars. What the Cardinal is saying is that the Volga car they have tried to make work for the last 50 years is, admittedly, rubbish; but this it’s not because said Volga is a piece of rubbish built by drunken idiots, that could never work; it’s because the battery and the tires were lousy.

Now, Pope Francis has started his pontificate with a brand new Varta battery and will soon take care four Dunlop tires are installed. With this, what has been rubbish the last fifty years will magically work like a Mercedes. We’ll call this “Holy Ghost-Volga Mk II”.

The Cardinal is very optimistic now, and says no, it is wrong to see the Council as a disaster.

Strangely, the Cardinal can also see (with the part of his brain he switches off immediately afterwards, whenever he thinks of Vatican II) that

“everything that happened after the Council also happened because of the Council”

but in a rare example of North Korean thinking outside of North Korea, he can’t make 2+2 and draw the consequences.

We had the Council. What happened after the council was “not a disaster”, but rather shitty for sure. What happened after the Council was also because of the council. But this almost-disaster producing movement isn’t an almost-disaster. It is good. It’s the work of the Holy Ghost, even.

So: we had the Holy Ghost who told us to build a new car. We set up the production line, and came out with the Volga. We are perfectly aware the Volga is crap. We are also clear the Volga is undoubtedly what came out of the supposed Holy Ghost Factory. We were expecting a Rolls Royce or even a Mercedes, but now we have a lousy Volga. Still, we refuse to think we labored under a drunkenness and delusion all the time.  Therefore, the Volga must be a good car. We just need new batteries and tires et voila, we’ll have the Mk II Volga, and this will be a Rolls Royce, or at least a Mercedes. 

We must pray for Cardinal Kasper.

But I must say he was funny.


Another One Bites The Dust

The poison pill reports in the usual whining way an Argentinian priest suspended in 2010 for his support for so-called “gay marriage” has now been defrocked.

Makes sense, as if one supports so-called gay marriages one can’t call himself a Christian, let alone a Catholic priest.

I hope the chap is thrown on the road without a penny to live on (McDonald’s is hiring: a very honest job), but frankly I doubt it.  He will, very probably, continue to scrounge at the expense of the Faithful of the Church whose enemy he is. 

The apostate complains saying “thirty years of service to God’s people mean nothing”. One has the impression the years of service to God’s people have been rather zero.

Please reflect it isn’t really thinkable this man would have been defrocked if he had repented. Three years is a long time. This must be a very obdurate one. At this point, one must wonder about his own so-called “orientation”, too.

The Church must get rid of these people.

The lady above (starting from 2:00) has the right attitude… 


Vince’s Farm: Archbishop Nichols Good, Blogs Bad.

Vince's World: a transvestite reads the bidding prayer at the so-called "gay Mass", Soho, London.

Vince’s World: a transvestite reads the bidding prayer at the so-called “gay Mass”, Soho, London. Rainbow flag included.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols truly is a piece of work. It makes me cringe that such an unworthy, petty man be at the brink of getting a red hat (which he will at some point, I am rather sure).

This man has been, in the controversy about so-called same-sex marriage, conspicuous for his almost total absence and – coherently with his general way of life – his cowardice with the power by not taking any undue risk with the Vatican. This makes sense, since Archbishop Nichols is a friend of sexual perversions, as abundantly proven by his open support for scandalous so-called gay masses.

The man is always all to happy to confuse the Faithful provided this keeps him in the nice circles. The head of the Society For the Protection of the Unborn Children rightly thinks he endangers the soul of his children.  Just try the “Nichols Challenge” to see if I am exaggerating it.

In short, the man is a walking disgrace, and utterly unworthy of his habit.

Unfortunately, this very unworthy man is also regularly criticised by the authors of Catholic blogs. Why? Because he is a heathen. 

If you think that the Archbishop would take this is as occasion for some serious reflection about whether, perhaps, he is doing the work of the Devil, think again. Rather, he thinks the blogs are the problem; or, as he himself put it, he think his critics should “hold their tongue”.

In his latest homily, also published on the internet site of the Archdiocese, he was on record with the following words of foolishness:

Pope Francis understands this in practical terms. He has already identified two kinds of behaviour that destroy love in the Church. They are complaining and gossiping. He is a practical man. He knows that we live in a society in which complaining and gossip is a standard fare. They sell newspapers and attract us to blogs because we love hear complaints and to read gossip.

Firstly, notice the unspeakable cowardice of hiding behind the finger of Pope Francis’ words in order to twist his message. The Pope has said “do not give in to the temptation of gossiping”, and the Archbishop translates “the Pope has said you must not read blogs that criticise me”.

In fact, it is very clear this utterly shameless man is aiming his broken sword at orthodox catholic bloggers regularly pointing out to what a disgrace he is. How he managed to hide behind the Pontiff to  criticise his critics is indicative of what a person he is. 

The Archbishop is, methinks, angry at the bloggers because by relentlessly exposing his cowardice, double tongue and complicity in sodomitical behaviour they have, up to now, prevented him from getting the red hat he so evidently covets.

If I were in his shoes, I would be more worried about another type of promotion or demotion. After all, he isn’t the youngest anymore.


Margaret Thatcher, 1925-2013.


Archbishop Nichols’ Views On Homos Endanger Childrens’ Souls, Says SPUC’s Head

The Vincent Nichols Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

Just in case you had thought that I am the only one jumping from the chair when he reads what our disgraziato wants to smuggle as Catholicism, I refer here about the reaction caused by the same Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols on Mr. John Smeaton, the head of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. Mr. Smeaton has, as previously reported, his own blog, and an excellent one at that.

The ire of Mr. Smeaton was referred to an interview given by Vincent “Quisling” Nichols to the Daily Telegraph (the once conservative, now pinkish-PC daily newspaper) on the 11 September.

In this interview, Nichols is asked whether he thinks that the Church will ever “accept the reality of gay partnerships” (notice here: the “Telegraph” doesn’t write “homosexual”. “Gay” is the word of choice. As everything in the DT, it exudes political correctness. How very gay.) and…

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