Another One Bites The Dust

The poison pill reports in the usual whining way an Argentinian priest suspended in 2010 for his support for so-called “gay marriage” has now been defrocked.

Makes sense, as if one supports so-called gay marriages one can’t call himself a Christian, let alone a Catholic priest.

I hope the chap is thrown on the road without a penny to live on (McDonald’s is hiring: a very honest job), but frankly I doubt it.  He will, very probably, continue to scrounge at the expense of the Faithful of the Church whose enemy he is. 

The apostate complains saying “thirty years of service to God’s people mean nothing”. One has the impression the years of service to God’s people have been rather zero.

Please reflect it isn’t really thinkable this man would have been defrocked if he had repented. Three years is a long time. This must be a very obdurate one. At this point, one must wonder about his own so-called “orientation”, too.

The Church must get rid of these people.

The lady above (starting from 2:00) has the right attitude… 


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  1. Poor heretic! He found out the Catholic Church is really Catholic!

  2. radjalemagnifique

    I could not resist to click on the “poison pill” button. What did I see ? Quotation: “A statement from Mr Alessio’s local archdiocese of Córdoba said the decision to defrock him was made by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy in February, during the pontificate of Benedict XVI.” And also: “Nicolás Alessio was suspended in 2010…”

    I think it would be just to say that under the reign of Benedict XVI a lot of things have certainly be done to remove this type of clerics from their charge, but this probably was done without great publicity. What is more sad to say is the fact that clerics from the higher levels of hierarchy are not very exposed to defrocking. But if it were so, adding them to those who state publicly that “the pill after” is no abortion (that’s especially the Germain bishops) and that Catholic hospitals must therefore give that “after pill”, and adding other bishops very modern minded, would there be left many of high graded clerics?

    My mind is just about Pope Emeritus Benedict. He wanted a young man, a strong man, a man in perfect health, to succeed him because he knew all too well what was going on but had not the forces to clean the stables of Augias or to Purify the Temple.

    Dear Mundabor, I think you are sometimes unjust with Father Benedict (in generally, not in this comment). My old priest here in France, having brought me back to Church after 50 years of absence (I couldn’t accept the Vatican II stuff, and still can’t), when speaking about the parishoners supposed to give him some help and support: “What do you want ? I have to do with what I have.” This may have been the case of Benedict during eight whole years. Sad, isn’t it?

    Radja le Magnifique

    P. S. Please don’t see any personal attack against you. Your texts make me purrrrring of joy!

    • I would disagree with that, Radja.
      Under Pope Benedict decisions of this sort were still extremely rare.
      Hans Kueng is still a priest in good standing. Bishop Fellay isn’t.
      He was the Pope, you see. A huge, huge power, if one wants to exercise it.


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