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Many of us have seen, either live or in the evening, the images of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. It is very clear this was supposed to be something extraordinary. The solemn beauty of the ceremony certainly did not fail to impress the viewers the world over.

Why the ceremony was so beautiful and solemn, it is very easy to say: because of the importance of the person to whom the solemnity was meant to be a tribute.

This is very easy to understand. It is, actually, ingrained in human nature. No commenter had any need to explain to his viewers why the British Government decided to go through such a complicated, expensive, meticulously planned and executed exercise.

Imagine, though, if things had gone differently. The PM steps in front of the journalists and says: “Good morning everyone! Today we celebrate the life and achievements of Margaret Thatcher. Capital gal, you know, what with one thing and the other. We’ll hop in to St. Paul now, where the archbish will say another couple of words; nothing stuffy, you know… we also have a Punch and Judy show for the children, in order for them to be introduced to politics…. it’s important, to know politics…. whatever, thanks for being here and have a nice day!”.

Not good, you would have said. No reverence, no dignity, no respect. For Cameron to have pulled something like that would have meant to show utter disregard for the deceased.

It is indicative of the times we live in that everyone understands the death of an important Prime Minister must be treated with extreme reverence, but even people who go on to become Pope (and countless priests with them; and many of those who attend their masses) treat with utter lack of reverence the Sacrifice of One infinitely more important than every Margaret Thatcher, and insult Him with all sorts of antics – up to and not excluding dancing Pinocchios – with some pretext or other (like the “Holy Ghost”, say. I fear one day the Holy Ghost will get truly, truly angry).

There were no Pinocchios around yesterday; no puppets; no stupid music; no dancing entertainers; and no “children’s funeral”. Solemnity, beauty, and reverence wherever you turned, because they are the most natural tribute to rank and greatness, even merely human one.

Most people understand these truths naturally.

Too often, our clergy – Pope certainly not excluded – don’t.


The Lamb Of Satan



A chap who is trying to obtain from British courts the right to commit suicide, and previously known as “Mr L” to protect his anonymity, has requested and obtained that his anonymity be lifted. His name is, no less, Mr Lamb.

Predictably, the liberal troops are in a state of great excitement, and the always satanical BBC reports today about Mr Lamb’s “fight” for his “right to die”. Classic FM (five million British listeners in the morning, and therefore an extremely important news outlet notwithstanding the harmless sounding name) also had glowing expressions of support for Mr Lamb in the early morning, though the 7am edition already struck a different… note.

Interestingly, Mr Lamb says he is “suffering”, but also that he often goes to sleep at 5pm because his life doesn’t make sense anyway. This sounds more like boredom than sufferance to me. I’d suggest a good book. And prayer, of course.

The issue here is, as always, a very basic one: is life something God giveth and taketh away, or something belonging to the human carrying it around and which the carrier is free to throw away like an old sweater?

To us, there can be no doubt how things stand; but I wonder how it is for atheists. You don’t need to be a believer to maintain that legalising euthanasia will put thousands under pressure (implicit more than explicit) to be put to sleep like dogs (I think the expression here is “have their life terminated”; but really, it would be exactly the same thing one does to dogs). On the other hand, if one is an atheist an hypothetical pressure shouldn’t be reason enough to limit one’s freedom, surely? After all, one can be put under pressure to smoke, but smoking isn’t forbidden because of this.

When one forgets God’s laws, and God’s very existence, Satan can’t be far away. When one forgets that no one is the owner of one’s life, Hitler’s euthanasia is just around the corner. When one thinks there is nothing more important than one’s own problems, you have Mr Lamb.

Mr Lamb is a true minion of Satan, and in his foolishness he now insists that his name be known everywhere in the country; for sheer vanity perhaps, or maybe in order to give his “cause” a better notoriety. He will, no doubt, have a big following on Twitter, and atheists all over the country will cheer his attempt to put himself in the dump.

Truly, the world has gone mad.

I wish Mr Lamb defeat in court, and repentance before it’s too late.



The One True Faith

Michael Voris on fire again.



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