You Might Be A Franciscan If…

Look, Mom! No shoes!

Look, Mom! No shoes!



1. You have a cobbler making your  shoes.

2. You send those shoes the other side of the planet for repair, and back. 

Simple, really… 

Or wait, perhaps not a Franciscan, but …

a Jesuit.


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  1. Hi M.

    Yes, I am befuddled at how our new pope cannot allow himself the pleasure of a nice, new pair of Italian loafers. This sending of his shoes home to Buenos Aries is not something that needs attention with resulting accolades by the popular press. That is irksome.

    So, I’ve arrived London today and the concierge here at the Mandeville Hotel directed me to St. James Roman Catholic Church, just a few minutes away on foot, where I will attend the Extraordinary Form of the Mass on Sunday at 8:30am. Very much looking forward to that.

    If you happen to be at that Mass, do say “hello” to me after Mass. I’m the middle aged woman with short brown hair and cat-eye glasses. I will have my lovely 15 year old daughter in tow. She is Asian Indian.

    I have no idea whether you are a Londoner or have any desire to have face to face encounters with your readership. You are my “go-to” blog to keep my finger on the pulse of all things Roman Catholic and I thank you for your years of good service. I will be sure to say a “Hail Mary” for you at Mass.

    • Thanks Akita-ette, and I hope you enjoy your London stay!

      I do not live in London, but I have returned the kindness of the Hail Mary with joy.

      London is good to those who love the Traditional Mass. A nice contrast to the place also being possibly the greatest Sodom on earth.


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