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You would think that the Jesuits had some sense of shame. Perhaps, a few have. The impression is, however, that most of them don’t. I can’t explain otherwise how a group old sixty-eighters (several of them, no doubt, homosexuals; some of them, very probably, sodomites) continue to march towards extinction as if this were a valuable end, and one worthy of pursuing.

Take this article from a magazine called – with unwanted humour – National Catholic Weekly. The author of this article wants you to absolutely know that if he is not an homosexual himself, he would so much like to be one.

Let us examine the forma mentis of our man from his way of writing:

1) He receives a letter from a reader. The reader points out to Pedro Arrupe, the former Superior General of the Jesuits, he who got the boot in 1981. (” a move that…

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  1. radjalemagnifique

    Nec rubricant nec cantant. Vatican Liturgy New Style. An explanation.

    A cousin of mine, Lully, lives in a male religious community, high up in the mountains of France. A surrounding that makes one think of Giono or Bernanos. Being very clever to chase after mice, so that these gnawing creatures cannot attack the scarcely filled larder of the good monks, the mine cousin has been ranked to the position of “Master Cat Lully” (Maître-Chat Lully). He has a blog! The community must be a Benedictine one, as the robe of Master Lully seems to tell. Now what is this all about?

    The blog has published on April 5, 2013 a text with the title “Nec rubricant nec cantant”. It’s not about Jesuitical homosexuality but about Jesuits in general and Jesuitic liturgy in particular. I thought you might appreciate. Here are the links:

    There, click on:

    Blogues associés

    Then, on:

    Le blog du Mesnil

    and there you will find the fine text mentioned above. (And quite a lot of other highly interesting texts in accordance with the actualities of the Church.)

    Radja le Magnifique

    P. S. You will also find some nice photographs there, including the portrait of Maître-Chat Lully!

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