Savita’s Death: Now Please Stop The Rubbish




We are now informed Savita Halappanavar’s death was caused by a rare infection and was nothing to do with any kind of “denied abortion”.

This is a strange of piece of information even to get, because if you click elsewhere, like for example at the usual BBC, the fact the whiners were wrong is merely mentioned en passant. You read the article and barely know what is all about, and what the findings might have been.

Not better is, predictably, the Huffington Post. We knew already that systemic failures were in place, and it is obvious there would be recommendations. Strangely, the evidence that the fact she was “refused” to get an abortion (I think it’s because it would have been murder in the circumstances; but these are too fine details for the HuffPo) did not play any role in her death is not, how should I say it, adequately conveyed. 

I truly hope that all pro-abortion fans now do the one thing that must be done, and shut up.

Just as an aside, I want to say that where I come from, a husband saying “my wife should not have been denied an abortion” would have been looked at as a strange mixture between a freak show and a criminal not later than one generation ago, and many would do it even today. You see, there was a time where elementary concepts like the protection of an unborn baby – as opposed to murdering him at the first sign of complication in the pregnancy because hey, this might be good for the mother – were so universally understood that even BBC journalists got them.

I understand Mr Halappanavar is an Indian citizen. I trust he will now leave Ireland and go back to India. A Christian country is clearly too much for him. 


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  1. Not only would I echo your hope that all pro abortionists shut up, I would hope that that yellowest of weasles, Enda Kenny developes a backbone and tells his coalition partners to take a hike.

    The Church’s bishops, at least in Ireland should of course be much more active concerning the likely legislation for this barbaric practise this summer.

    Abortion is not just murder. It is also treason, as well as economic, cultural and national suicide.

    • Enda Kenny is a despicable bastard, in the same league as David Cameron.

      Unless they repent (not probable), they will get their reward.

      OTOH, in a democracy every country gets the bastards it deserves.


  2. This is not quite on topic, but your graphic with the phrase “Stop it” reminded me of this funny skit, which I am pretty sure that you will enjoy:

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