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The Big Drip

Hell as imagined by Hieronymus Bosch (detail).

In a world that seems now completely taken over by evil, it might be useful to make a small reflection that some might find encouraging, or at least consoling. If you have the impression – as I do – that a huge cesspool of perversion has now become the standard of morality, please reflect on this: the cesspool has a leak.

Granted, it is a very small leak, and the cesspool does not even notice its existence. Still, it is there, and from this leak many little drops slowly, but unceasingly, drip down; mainly to hell, where they deserve to be.

We live in the presence of the cesspool, and the mighty stink coming out of it distracts us from the tiny leak at the bottom; it seems to us the stink will go on irresistibly, and dominate the world; but we know the leak is there, as in the end everyone else does. The drip goes on silently, slowly, without cease.

One by one, all of the immense number of drops forming the cesspool will have to go through the leak. A tiny number of them will have been purified by the intervention of a mighty Providence, prompting them to repent and avoid the final fall into the abyss. Still, it is very reasonable – nay, it is Christian teaching – to assume that most of the mightily stinking drops – those who in their sum total make the cesspool – will drip down to eternal damnation. Let the David Camerons and Maria Millers of the world think the Judge does not exist, or if He does he’ll surely understand a little bit of prostitution for the sake of political power. They will have to go through the leak one day, and with every day they are getting nearer to it. Some of the likes of Cameron and Miller will repent, but make no mistake, most of them will drip down to their doom, and experience true Justice after they have prostituted it – and themselves with it – for so long.

How will such people like Cameron and Miller hope to save themselves when the time comes? Isn’t the promotion and glorification of sexual perversion worse than the work of every thief and robber? Isn’t a woman – a woman! The sex of the Blessed Virgin! – promoting and encouraging sexual perversion for a Country of 60 million worse and more culpable than the most obdurate prostitute? Still, even the most obdurate prostitute will be met with extremely widespread reproach, and this might help her to repent one day. The likes of Maria Miller build their own monument on the public square instead, and have the effrontery of calling themselves just and caring. You can calculate her chances of salvation for yourselves. Whilst we never know about single individuals, clearly there are those with “reprobate” written all over them, and their aggressive pushing of a scandalous public agenda for their personal advancement makes of them prime candidate for Satan when their time comes.

We may think the wicked are winning big, but the cesspool does have a leak. God will not win only when the Day of Judgment comes. God wins every day, every hour, every moment. As you read these lines, a number of dark souls have experienced what Rex tremendae majestatis means. Not one single second that you have spent on these lines has seen God’s justice inactive. No, it has been incessantly at work, in nothing weakened or deterred from the wickedness of our times.

Too often we are simply told that “God is love”, literally a half truth wilfully used to smuggle a huge lie. God is love and mercy, but He is also justice, and His justice is as terrible as His love is tender. Forget God’s justice, and before you know you’ll have in front of your eyes an utter caricature of God; a caricature, in fact, so stupid I can distinctly remember when I was 5 years old and in kindergarten (and being told of God’s justice, a concept every child will immediately and unquestioningly grasp) no one of us would have swallowed such an obvious lie.

As more and more Western democracies openly betray God and transform themselves in officially sanctioned Sodoms the drip goes, unceasingly, on. It will be a great harvest for Satan, for sure; but the harvest of Satan does not diminish in any way God’s majesty and victory. God shows His Justice in every reprobate, exactly as He shows His mercy in everyone He saves through His grace. God wins every day, every second, every moment, and with every individual judgment. God’s perfect justice is among us already, it is merely administered in small instalments; instalments so little in fact, that the evildoers do not think of them, do not care for the leak, and do not waste time thinking of what happens to the drops slowly but unceasingly dripping from the bottom of the huge cesspool.

Still, we see the leak inexorably at work. Stalin and Hitler had to go through it; Vidal and Hitchens are rather recent drippings; the time of Stephen Fry and Peter Tatchell will surely come, and neither David Cameron nor Maria Miller can add one single hour to the time allotted to them.

In the meantime, we must pray, and act. We must stay near the sacraments and do our best that we may never fall into the cesspool and become part of it; we must use the pungent stink coming out of it to draw new energy and courage to fight our battle to the end, enduring the ridicule and scorn – when it’s not worse than that – of a world slowly thinking the cesspool is the epitome of everything that is “cool”, “tolerant” and “inclusive”. We must pray and fight, fight and pray. We will be belittled and ridiculed, or worse. So be it.

When the day comes, we will have our rewards, and will look – if we have been good enough, which with God’s grace we all want to be – on those whose impious arrogance and defiance of God’s law has deserved the horrible punishments inflicted on them forever. We do not wish hell to anyone, but we know all those will get hell who deserve it.

We will have to live through years of abomination without precedent since the West was first conquered to Christianity. We have to be strong and never lose faith, and we must at all times be aware that at the bottom of the huge cesspool of the Millers and Camerons a leak is causing a slow, relentless dripping. I personally often remember in my prayers the words from the Dies Irae:

Confutatis maledictis

Flammis acribus addictis:

Voca me cum benedictis

This I hope for myself and for all of us.

Let us not lose courage. God is winning as you read.


Popes Have Many Friends

Jezebel at the time of her meeting with the bishop.

The old slut who seduced an Argentinian bishop (certainly not the best of them, either; in the end, it takes two to tango) up to the point of him leaving the habit is the last one of those who claim vicinity to Pope Francis. The female (please let us not call these people “ladies”, or “women”; ask your grand-grandmother how she would call the female, and know she is right) is now well in her Eighties and on a wheelchair (we know the Pontiff loves wheelchairs), but it does not look like age had any improving effect on her. At her ripe age, the female now claims not only she is thickest friends with the Pope (phone call once a week, like yours truly with his parents), but also that the Pope might now move towards the abolition of priest celibacy. Well, she must know something of celibacy…

One understand at what the old female is aiming: if priests are allowed to marry, she will not be a slut anymore, but a love heroine ahead of the times. Like a suffragette with the suffrage, or Martin Luther King without the racial discrimination. Or so she thinks, and it's a pity no one informed her that celibacy for bishops is de fide, and not even an extremely ill-instructed Pope like Francis (see his utterances concerning capital punishment, if confirmed) will ever be able to do anything for her reputation in this or, I am afraid, any other respect.

Popes have many friends, but I would very much warn from taking the words of self-appointed friends at face value. There was the Anglican chap saying the then Archbishop had told him “the Church needs them as Anglicans”, and this female is now basically saying the Pope thinks the Church needs her as slut. I would discount the second as heavily as I discounted the first, unless and until the Pope says something in the matter of priest celibacy as Pope.

As to the many embarrassing statement apparently contained in his equally embarrassing book written together with his pro-faggotry Jewish pal, it's for him to put a patch on his stupidities as well as he can, but the PC statements of an ill-thinking, ill-instructed Cardinal (make no mistake, many of those: search this blog for Policarpo, Woelki, or Meisner to mention only three; unless it's worse of course) can on no account be automatically considered the programme and platform of the now Pope Bergoglio.

Pope Francis was, so much is clear, the wrong type of Cardinal on many issues (including his book-writing pals, his liturgical brainlessness and his ecu-maniacal attitude). His past sons are now causing a run to him from the side of people who want to highjack him for their own purposes, like the mad nuns. All of them aiming at creating a new image for themselves (the Anglican chap, and now this old pathetic vecchia malvissuta) or to push their cause.

I do not think the mad nuns will be the only ones to get disappointed.



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