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Interfaith Services Must Stop Now

Cardinal O'Malley criticised Jesus' lack of charity and inclusiveness.

I am informed a Catholic Cardinal has participated to an interfaith service… No, wait: if I read it correctly, the service in Boston war held in the Cathedral, so Cardinal O'Malley did not, strictly speaking, “participated” in it, but he hosted it.

I have read many stupid arguments in favour of interfaith services, but the idea that a bomb or terrorist attack would make such exercises less unjustified seems to me a new height of stupidity. One gets the impression there are people on this planet who wake up in the morning with such an hysterical need for “unity” or “solidarity” that in their mind God's rules do not find application anymore. “Sorry Jesus, we just had a bomb, so can you please forget that you are the Way, the Truth and the Life and take place in the pews like everyone else? How do you say? Well yes of course, you will have to endure infidels basically preaching from Your house, but come on, there has been a bomb, can't you be tolerant and inclusive for one day? What? That man? Yes, he is President Obama. Why is he speaking from the pulpit? Well he is, yeah, like, sort of… preaching, really…”.

The simple fact is, ” interfaith services” are either wrong or… wrong. This being the case, there can be no contingent circumstances that make them right; it would be like saying that it is good to be blasphemous to show our separated atheist brethren that we are inclusive of their concerns.

More in general, I truly cannot understand this obsessive need to pray together. What is this, the kindergarten? Don't people know that there are Christians, Jews, Muslims and many others? Don't they know Muslims are infidels? Have they forgotten what “infidel” means? Have they forgotten what “prayer” is?

If people want to gather to show they don't like bombers, fine. Make a day of it and meet on some street on a fine April day. But why every tragic event should become the excuse for more rubbish is beyond me. What I begin to think is that for an awful lot of people a fuzzy feeling of “togetherness” has become vastly more important than prayer; nay, it has become the real motivation for prayer, so that many people (starting from disgraceful Cardinals) cannot even see the problem in common prayers in which Jesus is just a flavour among many others.

The traders have taken over the temple, and are using it to sell emotional rubbish.

I am sure O'Malley voted for Bergoglio. No, truly, I am.



Easy Words

Now promoted to great Pope.

We have in the meantime become somewhat accustomed to robust words from the Holy Father. The one with ending up praying the devil if one doesn't pray Christ was excellent, and the one about the necessity to preach the entire Truth rather than only the convenient parts was also very good. Several of those observations have graced the site of Radio Vaticana, and the easily contented are all in a flurry. “You see? Your fears were nonsense – they say to us -. Look at what he has said, again!”.

I am very sorry to disappoint, but I don't think a couple of words will wash. Pope are measured mainly by what they do. Talk is cheap. Even Pope Paul VI was good at talking.

Yesterday we had another example of this attitude. A Pope calling Paul VI “great” can only fill us with dread, as if Paul VI is the example of how Francis wants to be Pope we had better start to dig our trenches now.

Still, the easily satisfied will tell us that the Pope has also said that Jesus can only be found within the Church, so we are all fine.

Strangely, the Pope did not explain how he intends to square his beautiful words of the present with his embarrassing deeds of the past. I seem to remember he wrote a book together with a sodomy -loving Rabbi who is a pal of his, and exactly how much Jesus is to be found in such a one he hasn't explained yet.

Of course – and as I never tire to explain – we can't automatically attribute to the Pope all the mistakes he made as an Archbishop. Still, a situation where his books full of the past mistakes are going to be published worldwide is a dangerous enough situation, and should prompt him to at least make some observation concerning the new duties and responsibilities of a Pope, & Co.. This would warn the readers from the danger of reading the reprint as if they were reading “the Pope's book”.

I don't see any of this. Not only has this Pope been perfectly inactive in front of the veritable tsunami of homosexual legislation now sweeping the Western world, but he doesn't seem concerned in the least about giving a properly coherent message. Rather, it seems to me this Pope says what pleases him on the day, but doesn't care that his words are either followed by actions, or the strident contrast between them and his past behaviour is explained. This way, he probably thinks he will give some fodder to the conservative pigeons, whilst taking care the henhouse continues to be solidly in the hands of the V II foxes. Cue Pietro Marini's astonishing words about sodomitical “unions”, still unchecked by him as I write his.

Easy words. No action.

Yep, it's no surprise he thinks Paul VI was a great Pope.



Blessed Pius IX On “Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus”

“extra ecclesiam” Reblog

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Pope Pius IX had, among his many gifts, the one of expressing himself in a simple, crystal clear terms. His language and way of presenting the Church’s case are beautiful and instructive reading to this day.

Emphases mine:

“Not without sorrow we have learned that another error, no less destructive, has taken possession of some parts of the Catholic world, and has taken up its abode in the souls of many Catholics who think that one should have good hope of the eternal salvation of all those who have never lived in the true Church of Christ. Therefore, they are wont to ask very often what will be the lot and condition of those who have not submitted in any way to the Catholic faith, and, by bringing forward most vain reasons, they make a response favorable to their false opinion. Far be it from Us, Venerable Brethren, to presume…

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