Kindle Problems

If birds poop on you from the tree it isn't really a good experience...

I hate kindle books without an interactive table of contents. They do not make sense to me. A good book is not something one reads once and forgets, but one that one loves to go back to, refreshing this or that part when the fancy takes him.

After a couple of bad experiences in the past, I have started to look “inside the book” on the Amazon site to see whether the table of contents is interactive.

Unfortunately, it turns out the ToC might be interactive from your PC, but not in the actual Kindle book once downloaded, at least from the tablet app. This is nothing more than a slight disappointment if the book is free, but is outright bad service – or, I dare say, a fault in the product – if the book was purchased.

If anyone can give any indication as to how securely ensure a book has an interactive Table of Content in the Kindle before purchasing, I would be grateful for a line or two.

I also wonder whether it would be appropriate to complain with Amazon. It seems to me they should ensure the e-book standard promoted by them complies with minimum requirements, without which the perception of the entire “kindle book” can easily be damaged. I should not be required to ask the publisher – who would not answer anyway – before every purchase.

I am grateful for your experiences on the matter.



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  1. You can usually download a sample of the book, would that help?

    • Ah, thanks, I will check that!

      If the sample works in Kindle (= interactive ToC), probably the full version will. If it’s just some random pages probably not, but certainly worth looking and trying!


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