Cardinals Kasper And Lehmann: A Portrait


Courtesy of si si no no, a well-thought and richly documented portrait of the mind of two of the red hats who participated to the 2013 Conclave.

It is worth your while to read this little expose’ in its entirety; firstly because it is very instructive in itself, and secondly because the part concerning allowing divorced and remarried Catholics to “receive” communion might well come handy in future, as the trendy troops try a new assault on the Vatican, hoping to find the gates open.

Cardinals Lehmann and Kasper have a very simple suggestion to this:

1) an “examination of conscience” (which they will, no doubt, find immaculate, if unjustly slandered by the Church), and

2) “a meeting with a prudent priest-expert” (which,besides being stupid in itself, means that many priests aren’t prudent, or expert of what Communion is).

These two shouldn’t be allowed to be altar boys, let alone priests.

To think they are Cardinals.


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  1. radjalemagnifique

    Good evening,

    Before posting I wanted to read “the well-thought and richly documented portrait” (you know my fondness for “Kasperles”), but the link doesn’t work properly. Same problem for the Theological course mentioned in your article “Doctrine of War Made Easy”. Is there any way of getting these links right?

    Thank you in advance.

    Radja le Magnifique

  2. Mundabor,

    Your link takes you to another of your blog posts, rather than the article at [i]si, si, no, no[/i].
    Can you please fix it? Thanks.

  3. radjalemagnifique

    The two links work now. Thank you and have a nice Sunday.

    Radja le Magnifique

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