Looking For Alternatives To Google

Boycott Google

Google has always been good to me, and besides bringing me the most traffic among the search engines (obviously) is the search engine that gives most relevance to my site when you, well, google me.

Still, Google actively supports perversion, so it will have to go from my life at least as far as it is practicable. 

Browsing around, it appears Duck Duck Go (yes, this is the name of the firm) is not compromised with an anti-Christian attitude at least for  now. They are also very good in that they do not store any information from your browser, other than Google and many others.

I am not entirely satisfied, though, as the image search isn’t as practical as Google’s to me. Still, one can live with a couple of clicks more to get to the images he wants. The image above was found through the bing engine, which again is Microsoft, which again isn’t good. 

Still, I would suggest to my reader that they consider giving it a try to see how they fare with it. I did, and again, whilst it does not work as well as Google for my purposes, I’d say it works well enough for most purposes of most people.

If any reader known of alternative search engines not compromised with the modern sodomadness and with which he is satisfied, I am grateful for a line explaining what they like in the search engine they are presenting.

I am not one of those “fight big Corporate” guys, but when I see that a position of absolute dominance is abused to fight against Christian values I say it is time to look for alternatives, and as I have already done for Boots (the perverted Chemist’s) , Google is now next on the line. 


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  1. I think you’re on a hiding to nothing to try and stay away from using technologies provided by firms which have been involved in things you could deem anti-Catholic or anti-Christian.

    Are you using a Windows computer? Then perhaps your purchase has swollen the coffers of the Gates Foundation. See what I mean. Apple? Hmm.

    I’d suggest that when it comes to search engines then you use something that connects to Google or Bing to give you the results that you want but doesn’t allow the search engine companies to make use of your personal data in generating income.

    As you’ve discovered DuckDuckGo is a good alternative but it does Microsoft’s Bing. Startpage https://www.startpage.com/ works much like DDG but uses Google’s indexes.


    • Yes, it is,. in fact, a problem, and there is no way to escape from involuntarily giving business to companies that are Anti-Catholic or Anti-Christian (it’s not a “getting involved” of course).

      Still, we do not live in a world of absolutes. We do what we reasonably can, aware that doing something is better than doing nothing.


  2. I don’t think there exists a Chik-fil-et equivalent in the search industry. Microsoft is just as bad in its promotions. Yahoo uses bing search.

    Honestly, I would think Yandex is probably the best. They would be in serious trouble for promoting counter cultural stuff, given the new power of the ROC.


    • Thanks Irenaeus, I’ll try Yandex.

      It’s good to know there are many alternatives even for those products or sites many think “unavoidable”.


  3. Avoidable it is, but be careful not to fall into paranoia…

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