Episcopalians, On Their Deathbed, Appoint Loretta “Bishop”.

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It appears very clear from the WSJ article that the parody of Christianity known as the “Episcopalians” are approaching death more rapidly than generally expected.

Last time I looked, they were supposed to still have around 2 million members. It appears now they might be reduced to around half that.

They did not start to die like flies, of course, though I suspect the average member age (do they say “member” over there? or is it chauvinistic?) must be rather comparable with the age of the typical UK altar “girl”. What has apparently happened is that not simply individual, but entire congregations, and delegates from whole States simply walk away.

Mind, this is not a great compliment for those who are involved, as they should be asked how they could stay until today in the first place; also, to leave an organisation that is not recognisable in any way as…

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  1. Loved the Monty Python clip, bruvver. Or do I mean sister?

    • Bruvver, would you believe what forty years ago was irresistible parody is now becoming everyday reality?

      Give another twenty year and a lot of people will not understand what there was to laugh about…


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