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Fag in priestly rags: Gene Robinson

We all know homosexuals want a stage and revel in public attention, which is why so many of them become actors or politicians. Gene Robinson, the strange man – I hope he does not find the word “man” offensive; in which case, I will revert to “bitch” without any problem – who thinks he is a retired “bishop”, is clearly both.

In his endless goodness – or desire for a stage; one of the two – the probably best known man (oh, that name again… so…sexist! As if one were not, oh, free to oh, choose his own, oh, gender…) among the US so-called “Episcopalian” sect wants to instruct Pope Francis on how to run the Church properly. The suggestions aren't very Catholic, as you can expect from a scandalous inverted. Still, Mrs Robinson's suggestions aren't the reason why I write this blog post. The reason is that he dares to open his mouth in the first place.

Mr Robinson says many Catholics experience a “painful disconnect” between what the Church teaches and what they “feel in their heart”. So what, would a Catholic say, it's a clear sign those Catholic must stop “feeling” and start thinking… Not so for Robinson, who evidently thinks with his… well, certainly not with the brain.

It is not only that the concept of Truth, or even universal moral values, has gone entirely lost in one of the countless acts of sodomy the, ahem, man will have to answer for. It is that Robinson fails even at the standard that he has himself chosen.

If the faithful being “disconnected” is a sign of being wrong, how wrong must be one whose so-called “church” is dying fast, and of whose decline he is without any doubt one of the most evident causes? Seriously, how stupid is that? Where's the argument?

The inverted goes on saying many Catholics want (in their “hearts”, I suppose) abominations like so-called same sex marriage, and atrocities like abortion. This keeps, he goes on dreaming, many people outside of the Church.

Let us forget for a moment that one must really have no idea of what the Church is to even think she might change the Truth like Robinson changes sex of his “partner”. The point here is that he suggest that the Church adopt the same policies that are killing his own ridiculous Mickey Moise church so fast…

Therefore, dear Francis – says Robinson – you should listen to what I, the charitably self-appointed head of your marketing department, says and “embrace” all these perversions and atrocities. Then, you'll become like the Episcopalians.

Now, that is a road to success!


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  1. Yuck, that picture you posted of “Mrs. Robinson” seems to scream queer! Even the color of the vestments she’s wearing seems to radiate effeminacy.

    • I wanted to write a caption that Mrs Robinson was so dressed in an attempt to try to seduce the young Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman), but then I thought perhaps better not… 😉


  2. Dear Mundabor. If you have an IPHONE with the free apps, Pope App and Radio Vaticana App, you can read Our Holy Father teaching the rarely heard truth about Blessed Shame which is so absent from Vickie Gene Robinson and the NBA player who just publicly announced he is a pervert and the announcement of his vice was hailed as the virtue of bravery

    • Ah, I have read around he preached about that.

      I wish he were just as good at being Pope (search term: Zoellitsch…)

      I have also heard about the “announcement”. Soon people will expect a medal because they have publicly revealed what a disgusting bunch of pervs they are. I can picture Obama with the “pink heart” to be given to be bravest faggots around…


  3. Worked for them, just look at the full churches and the marvellous fruits of the spirit – oh, wait, ah, well, perhaps not then? 🙂

  4. Robinson held a seminar for homosexual Catholic priests a year or two ago to assist them in having their perversion officially embraced by the Church. He recommended them to go for female ordination first and, not until they had achieved this, to move onto homosexual activity being embraced as a permissible, indeed laudable, pursuit for all including priests.

    • Homosexual Catholic priests? Do you mean ex-priests?

      As far as I know it, the open admission of homosexuality still gets one defrocked…


  5. Good post, Mundabor. Vicki Gene and the episcopal elevation of him to pretend bishop was a significant factor in my becoming Catholic, by the Grace of God.

    If you do not mind some brazen self-promotion, I fisked some of Robinson’s comments here:

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