San Francisco And The TLM

Lionhearts do not grow on trees...

I have it from Rorate Caeli that the Archdiocese of San Francisco now has a TLM “at the request of Bishop Cordileone”.

I was a bit confused at the start as I thought the reason why Summorum Pontificum exists is to allow a priest to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass without any need for any initiative from the bishop.

I can, therefore, only read the announcement as meaning that, as there was in the entire diocese partout no priest able and/or willing to celebrate the TLM, the good Archbishop had to become active himself and take care that one TLM is celebrated on every day of obligation within the Diocese.

The archdiocese of San Francisco is certainly big and its priests, no doubt, numerous. That the bishop has to “request” the celebration of one TLM says a thing or two about the state of affairs in the diocese. Bishop Cordileone has just started and will hopefully manage to inject some orthodoxy in the diocese, but heavens, he has been left with a lot of work to do.

This goes to show that the appointment of sound bishops is absolutely vital in the proper care of soul. Get it wrong, and a couple of decades will suffice to demolish the healthiest diocese. Get it right, and the advantages will also be seen in a handful of years.

Who appoints the bishops, you already know. The average quality has probably improved in the last years, but it can't be said it gave reason to be impressed. Cordileone's predecessor was also appointed by the same one who appointed Cordileone; and was, without doubt, a failure.

I fear much for the appointments under the current tenure. I am afraid we will see even less Cordileones than his was the case under Pope Benedict.

You can think for yourself the long-term effects on the TLM.

God bless bishop Cordileone, and let us hope lion hearts like him (this is, funnily enough, his name's meaning in Italian) become more and more frequent in the future. But really, it takes a lot of optimism.



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  1. Living in SF and being a traditionalist, I can clarify here. First, there has indeed been a TLM in the Archdiocese of SF since shortly after Summorum Pontificum was released. It was initially not in the city of San Francisco, but in Marin County in the outskirts of the archdiocese, said by a diocesan priest who is one of the best homilists I’ve heard. This priest later began saying a sort of roving TLM in SF proper before finally being granted a permanent Sunday slot at Immaculate Conception chapel, which is not exactly large or central, but is at least in the city. The previous Abp was, shall we say, not a fan of Tradition and imposed conditions on priests saying the TLM that made it difficult to get one off the ground.
    Enter Cordileone. He has celebrated Pontifical High Masses and is very liturgically-minded. His Excellency did not so much grant permission to this priest as request that he learn the TLM, which this priest did not know before. I have first hand knowledge that the Abp is looking to train a lot more priests in this and expand the TLM in SF.
    My wife and I attend the ICRSS apostolate in Oakland, nearby, but we will be supporting this new priest as much as possible. This is the beginning of good things.

    • Fantastic news, sphendonetes. Niederauer was a very lame choice. Again, it goes to show what a difference a good bishop makes.


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