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The Cardinal And The Kefir

I had not been informed of the existence of Cardinal Braz de Aviz until a couple of days ago, when I wished to have remained in my blessed ignorance.

The Cardinal cried pretty loud about the tightening of screws at the LCWR (whom he clearly defends to a point) having happened without previous consultation, which is very, very bad. You know, collegiality, “we are the world” mentality and all that.

It is difficult to understand what the Cardinal might have had in mind with such move. The nuns are clearly under the Vatican’s (very soft) heel and a Cardinal with no competence in the matter and obviously no weight isn’t going to change anything in that. Perhaps the Cardinal wanted to accelerate the exodus of Catholics in Brazil, and if this was the intent then I must say the execution was brilliant.

The Cardinal has been, though, now forced to a rather humiliating back pedalling, with the usual press release now confirming the usual harmony and, crucially, that the heel – soft as it is – isn’t going to move a bit.

Did the Cardinal expect to advance the cause of the witches with this? I doubt, though I am sure a genius he is not. What I think more probable is that he has some personal animosity with Mueller – who, as yogurts go, must be rather sour when he wants – and/or wanted to make himself beautiful with Brazil’s “progressives” for some reason of his own. In both cases, it was well done of Mueller to force him to swallow a generous dose of Kefir.

As to this last, I still can’t wait for him to be replaced, which will hopefully happen soon. I am certainly not the only one to notice Mueller is very prompt in reacting to friends of the mad nuns, but is absolutely silent when his own compatriots make a dry run of a Schism and tell their own faithful that taboos can be broken, if they have some patience.

Braz de Aviz is Cardinal, Mueller is Archbishop and at the head of one of the most powerful congregation. That one might reasonably fear his successor might be even worse than him says a lot about the present crisis.

Still, this time the kefir was eaten by the right one.



“Vicious” Has Homos Bitching

What it says on the tin: vicious

You wouldn't exactly call the people at ITV conservative, though compared with the BBC they are practically neo fascists. Still, they are, in a bad way, “liberal” enough.

ITV has now launched a new TV series, called “vicious”. The series was initially (before the homosexual critics saw it) hailed as the first mainstream perverted TV comedy, but the hopes of the Kingdom's faggotry have been disappointed.

The fact is, the TV series is about a couple of old fags (at least one of whom is an authentic one) who bitch against each other like they're in hell already, only they still live in Covent Garden. “Vicious” is, therefore, clearly the description of the two main characters.

Shock! Horror! Cue the stiletto army throwing symbolic lipsticks at ITV in rage, the high-pitched voices all in a flutter. This is the return to the worst “prejudices”, they say. The fag journalist of the “Evening Standard” bitches relentlessly about a TV series depicting fags as bitches, and we stun in disbelief at the unseen irony. It appears the TV series is a regress to the time when fags were called…. fags (oh, the horror!) and this is, from the point of view of a faggot seeking canonisation for his favourite perversion, clearly unacceptable.

The stupidity of all this is beyond belief. Even my cat knows fags spend bitching against each other vastly more time than they do bitching against everyone else. It's in the nature of the fag, who has all the unpleasant traits of the female character without having any of its sweetness and femininity. They know it perfectly well, but you are not allowed to know it; and, if you do, you are most certainly not allowed to say it.

It is also very funny that the “Evening Standard” faggot (I have written about this miserable rag, now fully in the hands of the Gaystapo, a couple of times) complains the sitcom might have been written by a retrograde heterosexual, implying the writer or writers of the shows largely belong to his own “parish”. With which you have, again, a faggot bitching against other faggots. Hilarious.

Of course, I will not see even one minute of the show, in the same way as I would not see a show featuring an old couple of child rapists, or of zoophiles. But I think it good that the show is criticised from the stiletto army: it means ITV has done something right.

We will see if this TV series keeps the momentum. Frankly, I doubt the TV mainstream of the Kingdom will have much interest in a couple of old queens, and this series might well end at season one. I hope so at least, then sodomy should be a taboo, not a way to excite the more or less questionable curiosity of the nation about the life of its perverts.

The life of a pervert is a life of misery ending in premature death and, very often, hell.

This is all there is to know about it.



“The Boretex”, The Best “Vortex” Ever.

Michael Voris’ best…

Enjoy the show.


Sunday Psychologists

Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog



One of the funniest traits of liberals is their love for Sunday Psychology and fake wisdom. 

To make an example, they seem to think people who tend to talk a lot about homosexuality (generally because they have been raised properly, in a proper Christian country, and feel as if bestiality had become the latest fashion modern society has to “celebrate”) get a lot of accusations of being, at some level, latent homosexuals. 

The reasoning is: if you really hate something, at some level you like it. Smart, isn’t it? Let us think this to the end: the entire world is secretly in love with Adolf Hitler; the Holocaust is approved at some latent level by the entire world population; incest, bestiality and pedophilia are he most popular latent passions known to mankind; particularly to Liberals, who scream all the time about pedophile priests. 

I always enjoy giving the usual…

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