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I sometimes try to look at my blog with the eyes of a person who sees it for the first time, and try to imagine what would be his reaction. Insofar as these exercises can be made with any reasonable accuracy, I would say the first impression must be of an overload of Catholic imagery (and text; but I think the imagery will at the beginning impress itself in the mind of the reader faster, and stronger).

Some might say this is overkill, and might even put off the – perhaps – timid potential convert desirous to learn more of Catholicism and put in front of a massive barrage of Catholicism.

I disagree. Let me tell you why.

I grew up in Rome, a place with a simply terrifying concentration of baroque churches. In those years, people didn’t do “subtle”, and everyone entering a church was literally brought into another…

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  1. I do hope that ‘this little blog will continue to be unashamedly Catholic, and laden with Popes, Saints, flags, churches, Blessed Virgin, and the entire Catholic enchilada’. If it wasn’t then there would be no reason to have it in my rss feed or to visit or comment.

    As someone who came to faith (not Catholic) later in life I have never known the sheer overload that the Catholic (and Orthodox) church lays upon it’s adherents or visitors. Most Catholic churches near me are ‘modern’ and I suppose they have to be given the history of Catholicism in the British Isles. Although thankfully there is a Benedictine Monastery with a abbey near me where I could revel in some of that ‘overload’ should I so desire!

    • I see many of those “modern” churches in the Home Counties, and I wonder whether they were richer at one time and have been wreckovated, or whether churches in those times were decorated a bit at a time when money allows, and V II came before something sensible coul dbe done…


  2. This post made me smile. There is hope and it is evident in a blog called ” The New Liturgical Movement” where they feature churches which had been wreck-o-vated in the 70s and 80s and been made beautiful once again. It is very heartening to see.

    One particular American abomination is the Cathedral of Los Angeles built under the direction of the shameful Cardinal Mahoney. The statuary inside is grotesque and as I recall, one of Our Lady looks like a linebacker–for you Brits that is an American football player position requiring the most testosterone 😉

    Your blog is lush and beautiful, M. I do love the Fra Lippi Virgin you feature. The only improvement I can recommend is one of Benedict the XVI in his ermine cape and red shoes–those accoutrements especially seem to get in the craw of the NuChurch!

    • Thanks akita-ette.

      I actually do not have any V II Pope in my little collection. I trust that to keep away the nuChurch crowd the image of Pius XII will be enough.. 😉


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