The Jesuits’ War On Christ Goes On.

Defend us in battle!

Defend us in battle!

The news reaches us Cardinal O’Malley will boycott the latest anti-Christian initiative of the latest Jesuit-run institution. 

One must truly be stunned at the amount of damage this evil bunch of (real or honorary) atheist, satanic, homosexual bastards are doing to the Church.

It seems like the Jesuits want to go to hell en masse, and are bent on nothing but the most relentless war against Christ until the last one of them has kicked the bucket. 

Yes, there will be a small number of good ones among them. Very few, I suppose. But let us be honest, when I read of them, 99% of the time is because of the way they attack Jesus and the Church.

I have experienced the Jesuits in Wimbledon.  They’ll make your blood freeze, and I suspect they are considered moderates among their fellows.

The Pope is now a Jesuit. It’s fair to say he should be considered twice responsible if he doesn’t act against this brood of vipers.

If any of my readers has any personal acquaintance with a good Jesuit, I implore him to post his experiences here. It will be a small counteract to a public action bent on a true War On Christ.


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  1. adsalvandasanimas


    The late Fr. Hugh Thwaites, S.J., a regular columnist in Christian Order and strong supporter of the Old Rite, appears to have been reasonably solid.

    Down here is Australia we also have one (and only one, so far as I know) Jesuit who is the chaplain of the diocesan TLM in Brisbane, and exorcist to boot (living on one meal a day, so I hear). Unfortunately he is getting well advanced in years.

  2. adsalvandasanimas

    [P.S. please amend the “is” at the beginning of the second paragraph to “in.” Thank you]

  3. There is a Jesuit priest in New Orleans who celebrates the the 1962 Roman Mass at St. Patrick’s Church. In addition, the Jesuit priests who run the Jesuit High School in the city are quite orthodox–the aside being, however, that they celebrate the Novus Ordo versus populum.

  4. A good Jesuit runs Ignatius Press, I believe. I do not recall his name however.

  5. Wheat still remains amongst the growing tares …..

  6. I second the comments regarding Fr Thwaites. He was truly marvellous in the confessional.

  7. James Fessio is the good Jesuit’s name who heads Ignatius Press. God Bless Father Fessio.

  8. In Tampa. Florida, USA there is a Jesuit priest who offers the TLM at a Tampa parish alternating weeks with a diocesan priest from that parish. This Jesuit priest also teaches theology at the Jesuit High School there. Kindly pray for this holy endeavor. I love your blog. Thank you for saying so well things that need to be said.

    • Thanks and welcome, Filia Mariae, and thanks to all who have given examples of good Jesuits. Consoling.

      Please keep them coming!


  9. victoriatrujillo4

    Fr. Fessio runs Ignatius Press. He was fired from AveMaria University because he did not appreciate the Charismatic Masses there. Apparently, he preferred Latin Masses.

    God Bless,


  10. Fr Gregory Jordan, SJ is the sole Latin Mass chaplain for Brisbane, Australia, and does very good work with their community.

  11. I don’t know how solid Fr. Fessio is. He’s more conservative than traditional.

    Fr. John Hardon was a very good American Jesuit, but he passed away 11 years ago. I say very good, but not great, for while he diagnosed the crisis afflicting the Church, he knew of many, many bones in bishop’s closets that could have perhaps been used to fight back against the mass apostasy of the 70s-90s, but he refused to name names.

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