Fags United

Lots of fags among the Tories...

Lots of fags among the Tories…

Interesting comparison on Linen on the Hedgerow between Peter Tatchell and David Cameron’s stance on why perversion would, in this stupid world of ours, be “conservative”.

There is a striking similarity of thinking between the two, which means that of Cameron isn’t a closet faggot himself he certainly draws inspiration from the very public ones.

Every time I read this kind of news, it strikes me anew how deep we have sunk. We live in a world where perversion has become not only mainstream, but object of praise. What the dirtiest prostitute, the most despised person in every community would not have dared to even think one hundred years ago is now on the flag of the Prime Minister. 

When I was younger and read on the bible the story about Sodom I found it difficult to understand – in the sense of, to grasp as a concrete reality – how sodomy could have considered so… normal. 

A couple of decades later, something truly biblical is happening under my very eyes: the open, official, institutionalised sabotage of Christianity, via the democratically elected leaders of the country.

It didn’t end well for Sodom. Unless they repent, it will not end better for David Cameron, Maria Miller and the other bunch of prostitutes brown-nosing the popular opinion of a godless country, where religion (at least the Anglican one) is now largely confined to hymns in which no one believes and fuzzy feelings unable to even distinguish the clearly good from the outright satanic.

I hope Cameron is taken down fast. Still, the problem is bigger than him, as abundantly proven by the fact that he is still there trying to push his agenda.


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  1. Tatchell was an adviser to Cameron relative to the homo-marriage and like legislation.

  2. adsalvandasanimas

    I don’t normally quote Bishop Williamson, but his observation that one cannot argue with men whose minds are unhinged seems rather appropriate in this cultural context.

  3. radjalemagnifique

    I wanted to add a post to your article “Shock and Awe” of April 10, but the comments seem to be “off”. So there’s what it is about: I clicked on the link “Linen on the Hedgerow” given in the current post and in browsing around I saw there another article, related to beautiful churches. Here’s is the link which I couldn’t add to the “Shock and Awe” post. Please see that the word “horrible” is in quotation marks.


    Radja le Magnifique

  4. A Japenese Haiku I penned recently seems rather apt:

    sucking on a fag
    a dirty harmful habit
    ending as a dog

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