The Cardinal, The Public, And The Evil Governor

Cardinal Dolan has found another way to make an ass of himself or, seen from his perspective, to gain more points with the powers that be whilst trying to appear orthodox.

The Cardinal's intervention has already caused an uproar during the weekend, so I will not repeat what many other have eloquently written. I will, though, allow myself a couple of considerations about the motives and the forma mentis of this despicable man.

Cardinal Dolan doesn't care two straws for murdered children, or Catholicism come to that. It is clear to him the habit is a way to pursue a career exactly in the same way as he might have pursued a career, say, in marketing or, rather, politics.

In order to advance his career with the best chances of success, the Cardinal needs to do the following:

1. Be perceived as “strong” by those who do not closely follow his action; basically, he needs to be a “tough guy by hearsay”.

2. Be perceived by mainstream politicians of both colours as a safe bet: one who will never give anyone serious trouble and can therefore be helped to rise high, or at least not hindered from doing so.

3. Create an image of “popular guy”: the smiling uncle Cardinal you'd want at your table at Thanksgiving, obviously hoping he doesn't eat all the turkey.

4. Be seen by his fellow Cardinal as a harmless guy they can elect without fear of surprises; one who will produce himself in that kind of popular waffling they love so much without seriously angering anyone. The Cardinals have just elected one of those, by the way; so it works.

Notice how relentlessly the Cardinal pushes his agenda, and how well it is working for him. Observant Catholics do know he is a bad 'un, but why should he care? His public perception is what counts, and his public perception is doing just fine. The last threat of a “holy war” against a, erm, “Catholic in good standing” may be a total contradiction and an extremely stupid thing to say, but this is not how it will go down in the public opinion. For the masses, the perception will be of a tough Cardinal, because they do not think to the point of wondering what all this though talk will in the end lead to, and how can you threat holy wars without having the gut to say Cuomo is an evil man on his way to hell who must be annihilated. Dolan's wars are, evidently, fought by guffawing.

You can therefore see how the outrage among the fringe group of devout and attentive Catholics does not disturb the Cardinal in the least. Pope Francis will not be Pope forever, and with the years he will grow in stature and in weight (erm, cough) among his fellow Cardinals.

Make no mistake. His strategy is working just fine.



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  1. In America, turkey has several meanings. One is, of course, the bird. Two, a stupid person. Three, a failure, as in “that movie was a turkey!” Four, getting three strikes in a row in a game of American bowling, and you were given a turkey as a prize. Two and three apply to Cdl. Dolan, the bird is blameless and his balls keep going into the gutter, so no game!

    • Not sure I get the bowling analogy (alas, never played the game..) 😦

      If Thanksgiving turkeys must be very fat, I think the Cardinal would make an excellent one…

      As to the turkey, to say he “talks turkey” with Cuomo and even not have the guts to say he is not in good standing is the height of hypocrisy…


  2. Whats wrong with this? Speak Spanish? This will be on the agenda of World Youth Day at Rio…a wonderful “interfaith gathering” where all mention that Jesus is the path to Salvation will be silenced…..attended by hundreds of thousand of young Catholic “minds of mush” easily steered to a one world religion that makes us all happy….

    • Well I will say it here: I don’t like world youth days.

      There, I’ve said it.

      Where I come from, no sensible father would have allowed his hormone-laden boy (or girl) to travel far away to meet an army of other hormone-laden boys (and girls) away from home and with countless occasions of sin. Some young people may be worth the trust, many others aren’t.

      The first way you help an adolescent is by not trusting him (or her). I suspect “I trust my girl” is the phrase behind an awful lot of pregnancies.

      There. I’ve said it. I know, I’d have made a very strict father. I’ve seen it at work. It works.

      Then there’s the one – as you say – about how these things are done. A varnish of Catholicism and a lot of sugary rhetoric which just doesn’t deal with the problem.

      As to the “interfaith gathering”, we will see how this pans out. I am afraid the new Pope will do as much as he can to “embrace” everything under the sun without falling in the well-known excesses and blasphemies of hsi time as a cardinal and Archbishop.

      Again, we will see.

      Prepare the health salts.


  3. radjalemagnifique

    I think atsa4you has a very ferocious sens of humour, that means one which isn’t at first seen as such, but has double-meaning or which has to be read between the lines (kind of Jesuistic style !).

    I would see it in the word « wonderful » with which atsa caracterizes the ‘interfaith gathering’, in « there will be silenced » all those who mention that ‘Jesus is the path of Salvation’, and in the last part of the last sentence « one world religion that makes us all happy » !

    I don’t speak Spanish, but I clicked on the link. Surprise ! First the title of the blog : Catapult. Well, everyone could have taken it, but read the next line. Artillero : Augusto Padilla. Very funny, the blog owner describing himself as an artilleryman. One gets in appetite to know on what he fires. Here is an excerpt (underlining by the author, see link) :

    Acudieron al encuentro Sheikh Jihad Hammadeh, vicepresidente de la Asamblea Mundial de la Juventud Musulmana Latino-americana, y Samia Isbelle, directora del departamento femenino de la SBM (sociedad benéfica musulmana de Río de Janeiro) . Aprovecharon la visita para reunirse con el presidente del COL, el arzobispo de Río de Janeiro, monseñor Orani João Tempesta y otros miembros del equipo para hablar de la participación de las comunidades musulmanas en la JMJ.

    Por su parte, Sheik Jihad afirmó que los católicos y los musulmanes creen en un sólo Dios y que por esto es importante seguir las directivas que Él nos ha dado para ser felices”.

    The comment of the artilleryman is :

    Pregunta catapúltica
    Entre las directivas para ser felices que menciona el Sheik Jihad ¿estará la degollina de los católicos? ¿No es que creen en un mismo Dios, como los hijos de Mahoma?

    Please note the « un solo Dios » of Sheik Jihad (a whole programme in a single name) and the « un mismo Dios » of the commentator. Well analyzed, Artillero ! Muchas gracias !

    There are photographes also, please have a look on them.

    Now, I went further (not understanding Spanish, I recall, so I have to look around everywhere to be sure that I get at least an idea of what it is about).

    Look at the base line, your’ll find the following tags : Aberraciones, Cisma en la Iglesia, Iglesia y Catolicismo, Vaticano II. Could be Mundabor’s tags, couldn’t they ?

    But I clicked also on the link coming just under the head line : « PROFANACIONES: DANZAS HINDÚES EN LA PARROQUIA DE GROSSRUSSBACH (AUSTRIA)

    Please click also, but wear an armour, otherwise you could be deadly stroked. This said, that will be a good update to your chapter « Austrian Heresy ». (My personal humour.)

    All in all, the Catapult blog seems to be rather on the Traditional side and I’ll have a look on it in the future.

    Radja le Magnifique

  4. Don’t forget Brady, who has stated in the last week – outright and very publicly – that Enda Kenny and his ilk should not be denied (fooling themselves they are making) holy communion. This inexcusable accommodation of grave sin, and of the perpetuation of such evil through the legislative leadership of these men, is so far from the Catholic faith – and coming as it does from so called “princes of the Church” – that one is forced to question whether the sedes may not have been right all along.

    • Welcome to the blog, Waverley!

      In my eyes, we must keep the matter of Sedevacantism well separated from the matter of the current illness.

      The Pope(s) can go around spreading heresies from morning till evening all day, but as long as they do not try to alter the infallible teaching of the Church I will stay with Peter. The corruption of the clergy (a phenomenon not knew to this age, though particularly tragic in this phase) reminds us of the Truths of the Church, and that our allegiance to Christ comes before every allegiance to the Pope. God allows the evil of present times so that wretched sinners like us may, with their anger and their efforts, merit salvation. I do hope in my salvation, but as far as I am concerned I wonder how having been born in another age, one of triumphant Catholicism, would have helped me better than having been born in this age of madness and reprobation.

      All things work for good for those who love God.


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