The Mini Exorcist.

Look at this video with attention, and you will realise something is going on here.

The Pope approaches some people on wheelchairs. As he prepares to greet and give a blessing to one of them, the priest accompanying him whispers to the Pope something. Note the conversation is of some importance, that is: the priest thought something had to be said; also it is clearly confidential, not the kind of “Mr soandso travelled from Xyz to see you and brings you the greetings of all his family at home” communication.

The Holy Father listens seriously, and then performs on the man a blessing that one would consider rather lengthy, not stopping when the man starts to behave very strangely instead of interrupting and asking the man if he is all right.

Rorate Caeli now has the news Father Amorth has in the meantime performed an exorcism on the man, and found him possessed.

Granted, I wasn't there. But if we take together the video and Father Amorth's words, my limited intelligence has little doubts as to what has probably happened.

A man in suspicion of being possessed is brought to Rome so that a rite of exorcism be performed on him, if found necessary. He gets the opportunity of a papal blessing (camera and wheelchair: an irresistible combination with this Pope). When the Pontiff approaches, the priest says to him something on the lines of: “strange things happenings with this chap, Holiness; he will be seen by an exorcist soon”. The Holy Father then gives this man a lengthy blessing, containing some exorcism formula (many of those in Catholic prayers), with the reaction you can observe.

An unusual occurrence (possessed men are not found at every corner), but nothing extraordinary, really.

We know some people are possessed, because we are Christians and know it from the Gospel. We also know the Church trains a number of exorcists not out of desire to play Hollywood, but because there is a need for them. Thirdly, we know that Father Amorth found the man to be possessed. Fourthly, it would be strange that a possessed man may receive a blessing and mini exorcism from a Pope without showing any reaction whatsoever, and actually it would possibly say more about the Pope than about the man.

As far as I know, every priest can, in theory, give it a try when in the presence of a possessed man, though the Church wants such a rite to be performed by ad hoc trained priests. If a priest can, than the more so a bishop, who has the fullness of holy orders.

Therefore, it seems to me that nothing extraordinary has happened, at least for us Catholics who are informed about demonic possession and exorcism already.



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  1. The only thing that I found extraordinary was that Fr. Amorth divulged that this man was undergoing exorcism. The chap had been on television… there is absolutely no justifiable reason to give the public any more information about him. It’s a huge breach of the poor fellow’s privacy.

    • Ah, I do not know what the rules are there. I can well imagine he was authorised by the fellow himself, in order to show the world that demonic possession is a reality and not a myth.

      Just a thought.


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