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Not very shy also in the writing of encyclical letters: Pope Pius XII, Pastor Angelicus.

Not very shy also in the writing of encyclical letters: Pope Pius XII, Pastor Angelicus.


I had to smile when I read on Rorate that Pope Francis is asking the Pontiff Emeritus to … complete the encyclical letter on Faith. I could almost hear the Pontiff says to the Emeritus, in tears, “aiutami, Benedetto!” after comparing the existing text with his own additions…

Don’t take me seriously, of course. It is normal for encyclical letters to be either written or co-written with expert theologians (when they are expert, or rather orthodox), and even a smart Pope like Pius XI asked his very own Cardinal Pacelli to write Mit Brennender Sorge. Nothing wrong or unusual per se

Still, I had to smile…

Also interesting is the other news the Pope is working at an encyclical letter on (you guessed it) poverty, hopefully and allegedly intended in the proper way. Beati pauperes is clearly being hinted as a possible name for this effort.

We shall see, but I don’t think I’ll need to read any period of this twice, or will emerge from the reading tremendously enriched.

No great risk of controversy, either. Expect rather grilled tofu on soya sauce. I do not doubt the, ahem, simplest Catholics will be delighted, and the tofu blogosphere will be utterly, utterly delighted.

We shall see, and read. I do not doubt which of the two encyclicals will make the better reading.


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  1. As I posted over at Rorate, perhaps the only consolation I took away from the abdication was the prospect that there would be no encyclical on faith from Pope Benedict XVI. That encyclical may make for better reading, but it will, no doubt, prove painful for Tradition, nonetheless.

  2. radjalemagnifique

    “Don’t take me seriously”

    But I do!

    Nevertheless, in France, most of the “soi-disant” Catholic blogosphere and Catholic radio broadcasts continue to approbate and even improve all that Pope Francis delivers in his speeches.

    I have been very “touchée” (I dont know the translation of that term) by your mention of “Mit Brennender Sorge”. This Encyclical, though only available in German (original language, see Vatican website) and in English (see also) which it is less poignant due to the difference of language and culture), should be known by heart of every Catholic.

    Radja le Magnifique

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