Richard Dawkins Admits Atheism Is a Delusion

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In an embarrassing (for the Atheists) and rare show of common sense, Richard Dawkins admitted to be only sure to 6.9 sevenths (which, to you and I who do not have a book to promote, means around 98.6%) God does not exist. This leaves only space for the conclusion (as in such things tertium non datur) Dawkins considers the existence of God a 1.4% probability.

In my book, this means Dawkins not only maintains he is not an atheists, but maintains Atheists are wrong. Always in my book, a 1.4% probability of being wrong in your supposition qualifies you as an agnostic, albeit of a rather obdurate sort.

The moderator of this debate seems to have reached the same conclusion, and to his surprise Dawkins said he is called an atheists by other people, but “not by himself”.

Now, before someone starts the soppy song of the “pleasant surprise”…

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  1. Patrick Gray

    Mr. Dawkins, of course, is barking mad! The existence of God and the supernatural order, the truth of the Catholic Faith, is not a probability, not even a 6.9 sevenths probability, it’s a certainty. We know by reason alone the Faith is true.

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