What Went Wrong, From A Priest’s Mouth.

What a mess he started: Pope Blessed John XXIII

What a mess he started: Pope Blessed John XXIII

I truly believe that unless we return to the very basics in our preaching, in our school texts and in our public statements, and unless we return to a liturgy that is God-focused rather than people-centred, we will continue to see the Church dwindle by lapsation and lose influence in society. We need to be formed again, theologically and catachetically. in key issues: the Primacy of the Pope in Doctrine and Discipline; the unique nature of the Catholic Church as the One True Church from which all salvation flows; the necessity of regular Confession for regular Communion; the Mass as the Sacrifice of Calvary and not simply a fraternal banquet; the inherent evil of contraception; of fornication, abortion and euthanasia. We also need to rediscover the essential vocation and responsibility of the laity as the salt of the earth wherein they set out to evangelisation of the world in its media, health care, politics, education etc. We in the clergy need to remember that we serve by taking responsibility (not power) before God for the teaching, sanctifying and governing of the Church. Collaboration does not mean shirking this responsibility.

This is an excerpt from a very good post at “Catholic Collar and Tie” (this one is from the “collar”, if you ask), where a priest reflects on what went wrong and why. His very fitting reflections conclude with another phrase I cannot avoid citing: 

In that it is the Truth which sets us free, I believe we have to return –and return soon- to forming them in doctrinal accuracy and in the understanding that Holy Mass is the worship of God in adoration, propitiation and supplication, rather than a community jamboree, which it becomes when we seek jolly songs and use skits and dramas.

The part about “who is Jesus Christ for you?” must also reflect a common problem in English school, as it is not the first time I hear of such nonsense (didn’t happen in my country and in my time, happily. We weren’t asked who Jesus is. We were told. At least that).

I suggest that you click and read the post in its entirety, and also focused on the first comment, from “Adrienne”, which truly gives a realistic picture of what is happening.

It is consoling to see that some of the younger priests “get it” and do not continue in the delusions of their older colleagues, who seem to consider the “key issues” like immaterial options that can be left out provided one has a good heart, or the like .


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  1. For a second I thought John XXIII wrote the italicized quote above… in which case I’d be very surprised.

  2. Mundabor, I can confirm Adrienne’s comments, with the exception that she didn’t really capture the true devastation that these “catechism” classes are wreaking on our young.

    When our boys were Confirmation age, I too signed up to “teach” because I knew I needed to be there in order to “undo” what was being taught there. However, I NEVER expected what I found there. I truly had no idea how bad it was! We are talking about a COMPLETELY protestant program run by protestants who KNEW NOTHING of the Catholic faith. This included telling the kids that it was not a sin to miss mass if their conscience deemed it so (primacy of conscience anyone?) and also showing them films of protestant preachers saying directly into the camera, “….and everyone knows Jesus didn’t come to start a religion!”

    I could tell you a story a day for the rest of my life about what went on there. Not one Catholic thing. It was horrific.

    It truly was at that point that we realized that the Novus Ordo Church in its entirety is no longer Catholic, and for the salvation of their souls we needed to get our boys out of there. We now attend the Institute’s parish in our city, and like Adrienne, the teachings are STUNNINGLY basic Catholicism, exactly as it was when I was a kid, and these kids know the faith by the 5th grade.

    If the Church is going to begin repair, in my humble opinion, the catechism classes need to be shut down in their entirety and the anarchist feminists running them fired. Across the board, in every parish, shut them down. They are doing far more harm than good. And our kids are losing their faith because of these classes. We don’t even need a replacement model. Just bring back the Baltimore catechism and get a few parents to sign up to teach it. This way the parents can learn the faith while they’re teaching their kids.

    Will it happen? Yes, when Our Lord comes back and cleans house. For now “they” still have control. I pray for the collapse of the Novus Ordo Church every single day. When I hear of another parish closing I rejoice. Shut it all down. It is not fixable. When they have nowhere left to go, they’ll return to Tradition and learn the true faith.

    We just finished the Pentecost Octave and the fasting of Ember Days – I do not know of one Novus Ordo Catholic who has ever even heard of these things.

    Like they say: Shut er down….

    • Thanks RNO,

      I was taught the catechism by a priest. In my eyes, the priest should occupy himself first with his duties and then, if he has time left, with his social work.

      The feminist must be kicked out all right.

      I would, though, warn anyone from sedevacantist tendencies: bad as it at times it, it is our Church. It is ill, but not dead.


  3. radjalemagnifique

    Some help needed

    I have been reading more and more about “sedevacantist” these last months, here and on other blogs (even non English ones) which I consult. Unfortunately I cannot imagine to what it refers, it seems to be related to the Vatican in some way. The term does not exist in my dictionaries, and I can’t guess from the context what it means. So would someone be as kind as to explain me in one or two sentences what it is about?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Radja le Magnifique

  4. radjalemagnifique

    Thank’s for the “link”, I’ve been there, it’s plenty to read and to think about.

    Radja le Magnifique

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