Summorum Pontificum: The New Archbishop Of Ferrara Does Not Mince Words

God might be Italian: The Cathedral in Ferrara

The Cathedral in Ferrara

If you click at Father Z’s blog, you will find a wonderful sermon from the Archbishop of Ferrara, Luigi Negri.

It is as blunt as an Italian Archbishop can ever be; the remark with the ecclesiastical tribunal is very telling.

We do not know whether the “Franciscan simplicity” will impact the Traditional Mass, but this is one Archbishop on the right side.

As an aside, you could do worse than considering Ferrara in your next Italian holiday. One of the most beautiful places on earth (think Siena without the hills), Ferrara with his huge historic centre (it was probably the biggest city in Europe at the beginning of the XVI Century) will leave you speechless and breathless.

A city blessed with so much beauty is now also blessed with a staunch and very blunt defender of the Traditional Mass.




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  1. This is great. However, now we need the big guns in Italy (Scola, Bagnasco, Bertone, and Moraglia) to do the same thing. Then maybe we can get back to the Traditional Mass.

  2. What did he do?

    • Bagnasco?

      He officiated at the requiem mass of a notorious priest, during which he (tried to) give communion to the most notorious tranny in Italy, a disgusting homosexualist and outright minion of Satan.

      My blood boils just at reporting.


  3. vermontcrank1

    Dear Mundabor. I just got back from the Piemonte, Liguria, and Veneto regions and were my Bride disposed to doing so, I’d move to Italy in a heartbeat. I love everything about Italy – Churches, Art, Architecture, Geography, Food, Wine, and the people and the level of distain they hold for politicians etc etc.

    I was in Milano and when I went to other cities, I was amused at the visceral disgust others have for Milano.

    Italy is fantastic. Just compare the skyline of any Italian city vs the skyline of any American City. In Italy one will see a Cathedral – because they worshipped God – whereas in America one will see huge Insurance Buildings, Banks, and International Conglomerates in the skyline because we worship money and power.

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