Our Lady Of Quito – Our Lady Of Good Success

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This is not a scam in Medjugorje style, or a pious fantasy of old maids with an excitable fantasy.

This apparition took place at the beginning of the XVII century, and was approved by the local bishop a short time later. It was accompanied by further miraculous events at the beginning of the XX century, when the events described by the Blessed Virgin were approaching.

This apparition is very remarkable for the insistent and very precise predictions of the Blessed Virgin concerning facts that would only happen several centuries later. In this case, the predictions are – at least as far as we are concerned – so shockingly precise, that one cannot – if he has some fear of God left in him – but stop and reflect on every word the Blessed Virgin was saying several centuries ago.

In this case, the Blessed Virgin predicted a tragic, extremely…

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  1. I find this prophesy comforting. Now, when someone tells me that the N.O. Mass is wonderful, I can just mentally pat them on the head and smile (and someday this will all be over).

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