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What Has Become Of The Perverts’ Files?

Am I the only one who is wondering what has happened to the famous dossier concerning the homosexual infiltration within the Church?

It is not unreasonable to think this dossier is what persuaded Benedict to throw in the towel and leave the hot potato in the hands of his successor; if this is true (and at least concerning the hotness of the potato there can not be any doubt) one would expect any acting in the matter to be accompanied by the spectacular removal of many in influential positions within the Vatican; a removal certainly made as discreetly as possible but such that it could never escape the attention of the Vaticanists and even of common people who read Church news. This, without considering that one or three would have to be disciplined, and again this would not easily escape attention.

Is anything of this happening? Or has the Holy Father decided the problem isn't so bad as it is widely believed to be, the heavy dossier is a grave case of paper and ink waste, and the perverts “do good” too, so “we will all meet in heaven” anyway?

It will soon be three months since the Pope's election. One wonders whether we will ever see some action in the matter during this pontificate.

Or else I am being unnecessarily suspicious just because nothing is happening. My bad, no doubt.



Degenerate Church: The Biennale

Wouldn't have liked the Biennale: Michelangelo


The Biennale of Venice is about to open and, as every two years, the usual army of cretins and perverts (often in the same person) will afflict humanity with their senseless blathering about degenerate (supposed) art.

This year, though, there is a novelty: the Holy See thought it fitting, and in the spirit of Franciscan Simplicity, to play idiot among the idiots, in an extremely childish effort to look cool.

We are not blessed yet with the visual result of this exercise, but from what transpires the money will be as wasted as you would expect it to be. The “destruction of the environment” will have a prominent place as princes of the Church brown-nose (as in: brown-nose) every brainless fashion of our time, desperately hoping to be considered hip by a bunch of degenerate cretins, who despise them anyway.

From what I read around, the Head Prince in question is Cardinal Ravasi, a man whom some even considered papabile back in March. It is obvious Ravasi did not know anything about “Franciscan Simplicity” when he decided to waste the Church's money on deaf people dancing around (note to the reader: they had to be deaf, or with some other impairment; otherwise it's not patronising enough) and such like, though I do not doubt his conversion to it was instantaneous after the fact.

Michelangelo, Raffaello and all the countless other great artists (real artists, not morons) who gave the Church and the Western Civilisation so much true beauty must be rolling in the grave; but again, they lived in times in which people had enough sense to honour and seek real art, rather than being terrified of being considered unrefined if they say the emperor has no clothes and all this so-called art is not only degenerate, but it is not even art by every sensible definition of the word. What is called “art” at the Biennale pleases the stupid who want to play intellectual, and attracts those in desperate need of a varnish of supposed coolness. The one or other cardinal comes to mind.

Nothing of this will trouble, I am sure, our hero Ravasi, who will hobnob with perverts and assorted ultra-liberal nut cases; perhaps with the pathetic excuse of the evangelisation, but in fact being clearly converted to their values, and desiring with all his might to show it.

I am aware this senseless expense was decided before Pope Francis' election, and one must clearly apportion to Pope Benedict at least one part of the blame, as it is inconceivable such an exercise would ever take place without his knowledge of, and consent to, at least the idea and the principle. Still, I can't wait for Pope Francis' criticism of the expense of 750,000 Euros for people dancing around (and such like kindergarten exercises) whilst his dear friends in the favelas live in dire conditions.

The truth is that the corridors of the Vatican have become pray to such degeneration – of thinking at the very least – that they desire to espouse and approve the degeneration of the world with the shameless energy – and expense – put on show on this occasion.

Vatican II is a degeneration of the very idea of what the Church is supposed to be. It is the novel concept that the Church and the World can be “friends” rather than enemies. But this is the thinking not of spiritual, but of worldly people.



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