What Has Become Of The Perverts’ Files?

Am I the only one who is wondering what has happened to the famous dossier concerning the homosexual infiltration within the Church?

It is not unreasonable to think this dossier is what persuaded Benedict to throw in the towel and leave the hot potato in the hands of his successor; if this is true (and at least concerning the hotness of the potato there can not be any doubt) one would expect any acting in the matter to be accompanied by the spectacular removal of many in influential positions within the Vatican; a removal certainly made as discreetly as possible but such that it could never escape the attention of the Vaticanists and even of common people who read Church news. This, without considering that one or three would have to be disciplined, and again this would not easily escape attention.

Is anything of this happening? Or has the Holy Father decided the problem isn't so bad as it is widely believed to be, the heavy dossier is a grave case of paper and ink waste, and the perverts “do good” too, so “we will all meet in heaven” anyway?

It will soon be three months since the Pope's election. One wonders whether we will ever see some action in the matter during this pontificate.

Or else I am being unnecessarily suspicious just because nothing is happening. My bad, no doubt.



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  1. Mundabor,
    what do you think the modernists and their attendant “gay mafia” elected Bergoglio for? He was, and is, their man. Who, do you think, got the modernists’ man his supermajority? The dossier will have been buried very silently in a very deep nondescript hole in the hope that it never emerge again.

    When Bergoglio was elected, one of my first thoughts was: “Well, nothing will come of the dossier about homosexual infiltration, then.”

    • I have the same fear, and I had the same suspicion. The idea that the Cardinals would vote for one that would not allow anyone of them to feel really safe – today is homosexuality, tomorrow nepotism, the day after tomorrow something els – always striked me as odd.

      Still, I think the best attitude is to wait for the action and then ask why there isn’t any, rather than – as I was tempted to do, but I think did not – write that I thought the dossiers would now be buried. In the end, I think it wiser to concede a Pope the benefit of the doubt, as long as there are halfway realistic hopes things might to the right way.

      Unfortunately, whilst some Cardinals might change upon becoming Pope, most don’t.


  2. It seems to me there is no doubt that the cardinals chose the man most likely to leave them alone. Self-interest, rather than the Holy Sipirit, being the guiding force in the conclave. We can only pray that the Pope will be blessed with wisdom and strength by the Holy Spirit to do what’s necessary to save the Catholic Church at its heart.
    I wish I could believe that the Pope has a strategy to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. But from a distance he appears to be terribly out of his depth and relying on talking the talk, rather than walking the walk.
    Is it just me, or is he looking rather strained and unwell compared with the very early days of his pontificate? Perhaps it’s as much as he can do to keep going.

  3. Mundabor, you know homosexuality (“gayness”) is a touchy matter for the hierarchy. Soon, homos will start suing their parishes because they will be discriminated against for their “legal” right to marry and adopt children, which means more legal fees for the layman to foot. We are being taught to “include” evil acts amongst the good and tolerate and compromise with it. For starters, we must change the names of our sacrament of matrimony to “sacrament of matrimony between a man and a woman” or face the monetary consequences. Our clergy must have SOME foresight!

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