Houston, we have a problem...

If you live in England, you know that a huge explosion might well be in store in the next very few years, as it is now becoming increasingly more evident the UKIP is being given the status of “eligible party” for general elections (as opposed to, say, European ones) by millions of voters.

Whilst the UKIP's boys 'n girls can still manage to ruin everything, the probability they will be Cameron's gravedigger is not a bad one. But they are a young party, and suffer from the difficulty of transitioning from a one-issue party to a credible social and political project for the Kingdom's future.

Some seem to be worried this party might become too much “right wing”. This is certainly not a bad word to me, as I am proudly Right Wing and demand to be respected as such, as many others are Left Wing and think it perfectly fitting. What I think is feared here, though, is that the UKIP might be highjacked by the extreme right element, the xenophobic loonies conspiracy nutcases, and the likes.

Well, being a foreigner in this country I should be worried, then; but I ain't; not in the least. My worry is rather that the UKIP might not become a right-wing party, but rather an imitation of the Tories with some chilli pepper added for the benefit of rural England.

What the UKIP means for us sound Catholics is, in my eyes, rather the issue. If they try to run after the secular mainstream and betray Christian values they will become just another evil party whose only use will be to kill Cameron's tenure (yes, please!), after which they will rapidly disappear. For us Catholics, the only reason to vote for them will be to punish Cameron and his bunch of perverts.

If, however, the UKIP should develop a coherent image – and praxis – of a party rooted in sound Christian thinking, they will have a good chance to survive the wave of protest against Cameron and grow to be the heir to the traditional Tory party and Tory values. At the same time, they will become the only possible choice for every Christian who does not want to have aiding and abetting of sodomy on his conscience and values his salvation more than his wallet.

Where we are now, it's difficult to say. The UKIP have their own “LGBT” group (an extremely bad sign), but the grassroots appear to be rather indifferent to the attempt of the party leaders to make them stupidly “mainstream”. Yes, they might have the one or other nutcase, but we must be very prudent here, as every sound Christian will nowadays be considered a dangerous extremist by the mass media and this will easily become a widespread perception. At the moment, the UKIP are riding a huge wave of hostility towards the EU, coupled with the dissatisfaction of traditional Tories with the Chameleon. How long this will last is anyone's guess, particularly as the Tories seem to want to recover sanity – at least in EU matters – with or without Cameron.

Am I worried the UKIP might become a danger for law-abiding, tax-paying citizens like myself? Not in the least. Am I worried they might “cameronise” themselves in the stupid pursuit of a mainstream who would in this case still vote the Tory party in the end? Rather. Am I worried they will soon become useless to Catholic voters? Very much so.

If you ask me, the sodomy issue is the one that will decide the party's destiny. If they take a clear stance on it they will lose some of the leftist protesters – they have those too, it seems – but will attract a faithful following of solidly conservative, Right Wing voters. If they try to be all things to all men – as seen in the stupid “LGBT” group – they will rapidly become an imitation of the latter days Tory party, and the voters will end us preferring the original.



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