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Priests Who Don’t Know The Commandments

Hopefully you won’t need Italian (some parts are in English) to understand one only needs to walk around Rome with a microphone to find a number of priests who have no clue about the Ten Commandments.

The irony of the journalist is, in pure Italian style, abrasive but suave (“count with your little fingers”, a phrase told to little children, probably takes the biscuit).

The way some of them make asses of themselves is painful to behold (“do not sleep?”).


Personally I couldn’t stomach viewing all of it, but I think it’s highly instructive.


As they say in Italy: braccia rubate all’ agricultura (arms stolen to agricultural work).


Opening The Doors To Ridicule

Not closed anymore, I am afraid...

More is emerging concerning the senseless talk of the Holy Father to a confraternity of religious from South America.

This time, it emerged the Pope said to the present that perhaps a letter from the CDF should arrive, “telling you that you said such or such thing… But do not worry. Explain whatever you have to explain, but move forward”.

In case you still aren't worried, there's more.

“Open the doors, do something there where life calls for it. I would rather have a Church that makes mistakes for doing something than one that gets sick for being closed up”.

These words are astonishing in their kindergarten shallowness, and that they come from a Pope – and from a Pope who seems to like such stunts, and find them just the ticket – is very telling about the degradation the Pontiff is throwing on the Bride of Christ.

I leave it to the professionally blind and to the compulsive Clericalists to try to find some twisted interpretation of these words which might let the Holy Father appear desirous to preserve Catholic orthodoxy; but as for myself, I won't buy it.

The Pope has clearly undermined the very office of the CDF, because in his world doctrinal matters are secondary to “doing something where life calls for it”. One truly believes he is listening to some “worker priest” of the Seventies talking of a brave new world where spontaneous “doing something” is what comes first, and the proper observance of God's rules – and, unavoidably, their intact transmission – must take second place. This, three months after his election. One cannot but imagine what he will do in three years, or in thirteen.

It seems to me increasingly more probable that this Pope wants a sort of “permanent revolution” within the Church, a sixty-eight-type “ferment” in which Catholic world order takes second place to what in Italy is called “azionismo”, the exaltation of “doing” for the sake of doing, and of a cult of what is “spontaneous” and allegedly “good hearted” that takes precedence over old, “stuffy” concepts like proper praying, proper thinking, proper liturgy, proper theology, and proper obedience -to his lieutenants -.

Of course such a one would stage Pinocchio masses. Of course he would downplay or even refuse to contemplate hell for those who die in their atheism (hey, they “do good things” too…). Of course he would refuse obvious signs of Catholic orthodoxy like the Mozzetta. Of course he would suggest that people “not worry” if they are being heterodox. The true Jesuit.

This is '68 all over again.

I hope this Pope remains in charge only as long as it takes to move he cardinals to think “never again!”, and then resigns and moves off to some favela. Alas, he will largely appoint cardinals who think and act like him, so one hopes the resignation comes before he has had he time to damage the Church for a very long time to come.

Is the Pope Catholic? The question doesn't appear very rhetorical anymore, and it has been only three months.

Fasten your seatbelt, and pray.



Pope Concerned Over Rosary Praying


Read on Rorate the transcript (unofficial and unauthorised; I wonder whether a dementi will follow) of the latest free-wheeling thoughts of a Pope for whom to think of something and to say it seems to be one and the same.

A group of faithful offers him more than 3,500 rosaries prayed for him. Think how beautiful and moving this is! Would you not be moved at knowing someone prayed one Hail Mary for you? When the Pope receives not 3,500 Hail Mary, but 3,500 rosaries he is not at all overwhelmed by the stunning beauty of this gift; instead, he takes it “with respect”, but he is also “concerned” at the practice.

The Rosary? Seriously? Do you think you live in the Forties? And come on, are you even counting?

Please visit Rorate and read there the entire text of the transcription; it transpire an atmosphere of mockery among the present, to which the Holy Father reacts by saying to them not to laugh, but clearly showing with his “concern” he thinks the same as they do, without the mockery.

For a Pope who goes around saying he is particularly devout to the Blessed Virgin, this is seriously beyond the pale. Actually, this is beyond the pale for anyone wearing a habit.

We live in times where, to put it mildly, what would be considered object of mild derision and cause of very sad reflections in a country curate comes from the mouth of a Pope with such astonishing frequency as to make it a part of everyday life, in the same way as the ramblings of the village stupid isn’t even noticed after a while.

In this case I don’t know about the village, but I don’t have many doubts about the stupid, because a Pope who has recently been publicly corrected about a fundamental tenet of Christianity – one that should be within the grasp of every catechised child – and insists in saying whatever happens to cross his not very well instructed or reflective mind without any problem perfectly fits the description. Can you imagine the Pontiff Emeritus talking like that? Can you imagine any Pope of the past doing the same?

And so we learn that to the string of pearls this truly astonishingly incompetent Pope has given us in less than three months another one must be added: don’t pray the Rosary because it’s so passé and for Heaven’s sake, don’t count them! I mean, do you think we are in the Forties?

I am now eagerly awaiting for the corrections or, ahem, “clarifications”, of the Lombardis and Rosicas of the world, explaining to us that the Pope is oh so very fond of the Rosary and by any means, feel free to count.

The worst of it is that the clarification might even not come.

What is cause for concern here is not the Rosary, but a Pope who is concerned about them.

My next rosary is for Pope Francis. I hope he won’t be too concerned.



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I do understand that for those who have not been exposed to Latin in younger years the switch might come as a shock or that it might be seen as an inuperable obstacle, but this is simply not the case. For generations, innumerable illiterate peasants have recited a number of prayers in Latin and whilst I doubt that their diction was perfect, I am rather persuaded that many of them were better at…

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