Opening The Doors To Ridicule

Not closed anymore, I am afraid...

More is emerging concerning the senseless talk of the Holy Father to a confraternity of religious from South America.

This time, it emerged the Pope said to the present that perhaps a letter from the CDF should arrive, “telling you that you said such or such thing… But do not worry. Explain whatever you have to explain, but move forward”.

In case you still aren't worried, there's more.

“Open the doors, do something there where life calls for it. I would rather have a Church that makes mistakes for doing something than one that gets sick for being closed up”.

These words are astonishing in their kindergarten shallowness, and that they come from a Pope – and from a Pope who seems to like such stunts, and find them just the ticket – is very telling about the degradation the Pontiff is throwing on the Bride of Christ.

I leave it to the professionally blind and to the compulsive Clericalists to try to find some twisted interpretation of these words which might let the Holy Father appear desirous to preserve Catholic orthodoxy; but as for myself, I won't buy it.

The Pope has clearly undermined the very office of the CDF, because in his world doctrinal matters are secondary to “doing something where life calls for it”. One truly believes he is listening to some “worker priest” of the Seventies talking of a brave new world where spontaneous “doing something” is what comes first, and the proper observance of God's rules – and, unavoidably, their intact transmission – must take second place. This, three months after his election. One cannot but imagine what he will do in three years, or in thirteen.

It seems to me increasingly more probable that this Pope wants a sort of “permanent revolution” within the Church, a sixty-eight-type “ferment” in which Catholic world order takes second place to what in Italy is called “azionismo”, the exaltation of “doing” for the sake of doing, and of a cult of what is “spontaneous” and allegedly “good hearted” that takes precedence over old, “stuffy” concepts like proper praying, proper thinking, proper liturgy, proper theology, and proper obedience -to his lieutenants -.

Of course such a one would stage Pinocchio masses. Of course he would downplay or even refuse to contemplate hell for those who die in their atheism (hey, they “do good things” too…). Of course he would refuse obvious signs of Catholic orthodoxy like the Mozzetta. Of course he would suggest that people “not worry” if they are being heterodox. The true Jesuit.

This is '68 all over again.

I hope this Pope remains in charge only as long as it takes to move he cardinals to think “never again!”, and then resigns and moves off to some favela. Alas, he will largely appoint cardinals who think and act like him, so one hopes the resignation comes before he has had he time to damage the Church for a very long time to come.

Is the Pope Catholic? The question doesn't appear very rhetorical anymore, and it has been only three months.

Fasten your seatbelt, and pray.



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  1. I feel no joy in this papacy. I feel uneasy, disoriented and even a low grade panic. To rebuff 3000+ rosaries said for him is evidence that he needs 3000 x 3000 rosaries said daily for him. We put our trust in Jesus ultimately, but I can’t help but wonder what Papa Benedict’s blood pressure is doing these days. I do so want him to experience a peaceful retirement.

    • I doubt Pope Benedict’s retirement will be very peaceful at this point, as he certainly loves the Church and must suffer at seeing what is happening.

      Having said that, he is the first one who deserves to be blamed for this mess, as he has appointed almost half of the Cardinals himself.


  2. “Opening the doors to ridicule”, just don’t let them hit your ass on the way out!

  3. Mundabor, you couldn’t watch the whole Gloria TV tape on the priests with the 10 commandments. And I just couldn’t finish reading this. I mean….words just fail.

  4. vermontcrank1

    It will be interesting to read the attempts to explain this away. Whatever it is that will be said, be assured the explanation will include a denunciation of the “uncharitableness” of those who object to this crude and vulgar behavior.

    Make no mistake about it, the world, our enemy, LOVES a Pope who acts this way.

    • I think they will try to point out to “misunderstandings”. I think the talk was in Spanish, though. A South American Spanish-speaker talking to other South American Spanish speakers.

      Perhaps they will say nothing and hope it goes away soon… the problem is, until the Pope learns some prudence the problem will remain…


  5. radjalemagnifique

    (your answer to akita-ette)

    Had Benedict XVI REALLY better choices ? I know we disagree much about our Pope Emerit. Normally, I hadn’t discussed once more with you about him but in the meantime I have read your post of June 6:

    Homoheresy, Homoideology, Homopropaganda, And Homomafia: Father Oko Speaks
    and I clicked on the link to Rorate caeli.

    In this document – which everyone should (must) read – there is evidence that SO MANY cardinals, bishops, and clerics on the whole scale of the Church’s administration are COMPLETELY ROTTEN. (In French there is a word even more significant and pejorative, it says : « vérolé » = being completely infested by syphilis, but this is meant in a moral sense.)

    So : where could Pope Benedict find valuable men for being cardinals ?

    If you get nerved about my insistance, please throw my paper in the basket, I won’t get worried.

    Radja le Magnifique

    • How does he find good cardinals?

      By appointing good people he trusts as nuncios, and asking them to scout the land for the good ones to make bishops, and among whom to select the cardinals.

      It’s no rocket science, really. To say “the clergy is bad, so the clergy must be bad” doesn’t really cut it as an answer.

      Chaput isn’t cardinal. Cordileone isn’t Cardinal. Dolan is Cardinal. Benedict sent him to New York, and made him cardinal.

      He made many more mistakes like this one, and he wasn’t better at picking bishops than cardinals.

      The result is Pope Francis.


  6. Mundabor,
    “Is the Pope Catholic?”
    As long as he does not formally, while exercising his authority as Pope, deny any dogma, I will continue to believe that he is. I would rather not contemplate the consequences of answering “no” to the above question, for a non-Catholic could certainly not be Pope either, in which case sedevacantism would have to be regarded as in principle correct.
    Fortunately, he has not denied any dogma. He has just informally spoken in ways that certainly do not lend themselves to an orthodox Catholic interpretation. But while doing so, he was extremely vague and at times barely coherent. Certainly, we cannot regard his utterances so far as having any weight considered as doctrinal teachings. They are just ramblings of a kindly grandfather who happens to be Bishop of Rome.

    Said grandfather is certainly a Catholic, as he does, in his often confused ways, believe in God, the Church, the Sacraments and the Faith. He is often unable to explain clearly what he means, and his notion of doctrine is extremely vague, because he has been polluted by neo-modernism and the social populism typical for his region. But he certainly does not intend to renounce the Faith in any way, even if he often speaks in ways not consistent with it.

    He might be a material heretic, but certainly not a formal one, which he would have to be in order to cease to be Catholic.

    But even having to contemplate such matters, is more than I could have imagined three to five years ago, when I first started to learn the Faith. Back then, Pope Benedict was a light in the darkness of modernity, and even with all the flaws he may well have had (though I did not recognize them then), he made the Church shine brightly for all who had eyes to see. He was certainly more Catholic than any other person I knew.

    With the new Pope, we might have to conclude that he is, in fact, Catholic, but just barely. (As a side note: If Archbishop Müller does get removed from his post at the CDF, if will be for his rigidity on matters of dogma…. Mark my words. He is just not flexible enough. He is a structural conservative, not a permanent revolutionist.)

    • I fully agree, catocon.

      He is still a Catholic, albeit an embarrassing mediocre one who, if you ask me, should have chosen a different career (actually, he had…).

      But the fact is, the question doesn’t sound so rhetorical anymore. After so many blunders, one must first stop and reflect whether he has, say, done anything who would justify a sedevacantist position, and the answer clearly is: no, he hasn’t. He will also never do so, because the denial of dogmas (which must be ex cathedra to justify sedevacantism) is, I think, not in his plans.

      More interesting is the question of what happens if the Pope continue to express heretical positions, whilst not trying to impose them as truths to be accepted de fide. The one with the atheists who will be fine because they “do good” is a good example, I am sure others will follow. In this case, I will also continue to see in him the Pope – as I must – albeit an extremely bad one.


    • As to Mueller, he might soon find himself in the position of being considered too conservative, which is another sign of the times. I think the Pope wants another of his revolutionary socialists from South America – one who doesn’t send so many “letters” to leftists religious – but cannot do it now as the indignation would be too loud. Therefore, he keeps Ratzinger’s buddy until the right time comes to return him to sender.


  7. Thank you. This pontificate is grimmer and grimmer. I am reminded, although I am too young to remember it, of what I have heard of the grimly disastrous Pontificates of John XXIII and Paul VI (and of John Paul II and Benedict XVI. We must squash this rubbish about Conclaves and the action of the Holy Ghost. We are not ‘charismatic’.

    “Oh Father, we can relax. It’s the Holy Spirit who will choose the new Pope.” No. It is actually the cardinals who will elect the Pope, and the College of Cardinals is a fallible group of fallible men… It is hard to imagine that the Holy Ghost can have had much positive input into the election of Pope Julius III, for example.”

    The detestable influx of Modernism – the We are Church brigade, the ‘People of God perform the Consecration’ lot, the ‘new men’ and the heretics, to sum them up, the aggiornamento, ecumenical, Modernist heretics, is as great as it was, according to my aunt, after the Council – there were good old priests who kept to Catholic Tradition despite the late Bugnini of unhappy memory and the Modernists.

    I am a very young man and was not born at the time of the deplorable Council but I continue to be gravely saddened at the subversion and destruction of everything in Britain – even in the bulwark of Holy Church – by Modernism and the Modern Age.
    The destruction of so much beauty and splendour and piety, the abandonment of Our Lady and the Saints. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is described as an ‘assembly’ or a ‘social meal’ where the Consecration is performed by, heaven help us, ‘the People of God’. Utter deplorable rubbish. A gang of detestable German and Belgian and French ticket inspector’s sons at the Council – Balthasar, Lubac, Rahner – dictated to the Princes of the Church. Ecclesiastical Modernism since the detestable Second Vatican Council has largely served to ‘break down the bastions’ as the awful Hans Urs von Balthasar put it and let the evils of the modern world ravage the Church Militant on Earth.

    The changes are gravely lamentable and a bitter, bitter trial for us all. As Evelyn Waugh put it:
    “the b—–ing up of the Church is a deep sorrow to me… We write letters to the paper [or comments on blogs!]. A fat lot of good that does.”

    We must cling to Holy Tradition, to the line of Pascendi, the Syllabus, the unchanging doctrine and dogma of our Mother the Church (not the so-called hermeneutic of continuity) and despite Modernist ridicule (I wonder if you have been following Dr. Joseph Shaw of the Latin Mass Society’s excellent letters) to the Mass, to the Holy Rosary and to all the devotions and pieties that nourished the Saints.

    We must see to it that the little red lamp in front of Our Blessed Lord in the Tabernacle never goes out, that the Mass is said, the devotions of Mother Church survive and the Holy Faith endures untainted by Modernism.


    I know this is rather more of an essay than a post, I will leave if it merits publishing to you.

    • It’s fine, Patrick… 😉

      The day was traumatic for us all…

      One of the clear traits of this Pope is that one can go to sleep in the evening and be consistently afraid he will fidn on the internet some heretical new “idea” from him in the morning.

      These are not isolated incidents. This is a way of thinking, and a way of life.


  8. The Pope admitted in this talk that he is ‘disorganised’. Clearly the administrative defects are reflected in his thinking and speaking (as it usually is). His comments about the CDF show that he knows nothing about how a hierarchical body works effectively. His comments about the ‘bouquet’ of Rosaries should be met with more, carefully recorded, ‘bouquets’ going his way. I am in a state where I think that everything is breaking down so that it can be re-built, it’s the only way that I can retain any equilibrium.

    • Wasn’t this the man praised as the ideal one to reorganise the Vatican machine? Disorganised?

      As you rightly point out, the lack of organisation here is clearly in his head.


  9. radjalemagnifique

    In all this I see for the moment only two explanations :
    (as to catocon’s post)

    1) Pope Francis is very wicked (= most intelligent in a certain way) and put us anew in front of the “Theology of Liberation” (without its name), as fought against by Cardinal Ratzinger, see :

    and :

    and, also, very recently concerning cardinal Bergoglio :
    (article « Le cheval de Troie » – “The Trojan Horse”))


    2) Pope Francis is nearly “Alzheimer”, which is a case of old age (which could affect all of us, except God have mercy of us, as says Sainte Hildegarde).

    So what ?

    Radja le Magnifique

    • I think (for him; and I am trying to be charitable) he is a rather dim-witted old man stuck in the Seventies, and with no clue.

      May God have mercy on him, as on us all.


  10. Patrick, you are a young man and I am a woman on the cusp of being old. A deep sadness fills me as I observe this oddball pope further wreckovate the Faith. New Evangelization you say? While Catholic schools here in the USA uphold sodomites attending prom together it just ain’t gonna happen. All the while the princes of the Church are silent–don’t want to offend. It won’t be in my lifetime that the Church flourishes and sets the societal tone. Things are getting worse, much worse. Here in the states we are on the brink of honoring sodomy with civil marriage. It may be the end of my career in health care delivery as I envision there being sodomite “diversity training” in every place of employ that receives federal funding. I’m trying to tuck away funds for use in case of societal chaos, but it’s cold comfort that that might come after I am dead. We get no help from this Francis I in restoring the truth about marriage. He’s too busy with bombastic gestures elsewhere. It’s all so very, very sad.

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