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Catholic Answers decidedly goes from weakness to weakness. As I have already written in the past – but repetita iuvant – they are a mixture of a forum where people attempt to make Catholic doctrine as they go along, and an “ask an Apologist” question where at times a theologian attempts to make Catholic doctrine as he/she goes along; things like “good suicides to go heaven” and the like.

Today, out of sheer boredom, I clicked the page once again, to see what’s going on. I use “predestination” as search item and find a couple of threads that make your blood curl, with the usual sensitive posters (they are generally women; further proof God is rightly spoken of in the masculine) clumsily trying to avoid hard truths and tapping in the dark about what they “feel”, or “imagine” rather than doing what sensible people would do, that is: read a…

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  1. The “Response” to the original post from a “Saralinwilde” was classic current Woman fare- and much of what passes for Catholic “thought” regarding marriage in today’s world. However if you follow the links to her blog, it appears this “emancipated” modern woman is making a wreck of her life- recently divorced, and other changes. I know I will be “counting” a few decades of the Rosary for her- that she may see the light and come to true joy.

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