Rosarygate: Confusion As Pope Remains Silent

To Thee do we cry.

One and a half day into the latest mess created by Pope Francis with his own carelessness, we are put in front of a show of incompetence that lets one wonder why on earth Cardinal Bergoglio was deemed the best fitted to put some order in the Vatican machinery.

As I write this in a cold, grey UK morning, we have two Rosarygate updates on the usual Rorate Caeli. With the first we were informed a probably desperate Father Lombardi declined to comment on the “private” conversation of the Pope, as several Vaticanists explained to El Mundo that yes, Bergoglio is the man who would talk such rubbish. This was a huge occasion to clarify and set the matter to rest, and was lost.

Would it have been too much for the Pontiff to authorise Father Lombardi to say something on behalf of the Pope, renewing his encouragement to pray the Rosary, his respect for those who count them, his special gratefulness for the rosary bouquet given to him, and his renewed confidence in the work of the CDF? Too difficult? Really?

It was in fact too difficult, one thinks, because this is a Pope very humbly attached to heterodoxy and, in Franciscan simplicity, unwilling to backpedal even when the entire planet is asking “could he really have said that?”. Yes, he could. Yes, he did. Yes, you can bet your pint he'll do it again. This was not an occasional slip of the tongue, as such episodes are now at least one too many, and too worrying for that. This was an insight into Pope Bergoglio's world, which is why he refused to backpedal. Methinks, he considers all this mess a tempest in a glass of water, caused by people absurdly attached to these practices of the past like the Rosary, and who think they live in the Forties.

After a clearly hand-faced Lombardi declined to comment, the pressure was obviously on the CLAR to save what can be saved, or at least smooth some corner; but those at CLAR obviously refused to do the Pope's job, and confirmed (second Rorate update) the content of the report, though they tried to downplay the quotations implying the man with the writing pad must have been thinking of women, and all was written from “recollections” after the fact.

Don't make me laugh. As if words of the Pope would be put in quotation marks without someone there having written them down verbatim. Nor did CLAR, as I write, modify or correct or retract one single word of their report.

If CLAR had said “awfully sorry, we were very wrong on this one, the Vatican phoned and it is clear there must have been two or three rather massive misunderstandings”, the matter would have somewhat settled down, but they would have lost face without being in the end guilty of any misinformation. One can understand they decided to weather the storm and say “no, this is really what he said and meant”.

If I were in the same room as Father Lombardi – whom again I imagine, Jesuit and heterodox as he is, with the hands on his face, leaning on his desk in utter disbelief – I would suggest that anyone who is received by the Pope signs a confidentiality agreement, notepads are utterly forbidden, and even smartphones are given to Vatican officials before entering the Pope's room, as it is very easy to use them to record every word he says.

“But Mundabor” – you might say – “this is absurd! It is tantamount to admit the Pontiff is such a maverick that the Church must be protected from him every time he opens his mouth and speaks off-the-cuff!”.

Erm, well…




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  1. These are quite remarkable comments coming from a pope. I certainly can’t imagine any of his predecessors making them. Another interesting comment concerned the many religious orders with dwindling numbers of priests. Obviously this is one of the major worries of the Church, but Pope Francis seemed more concerned about a few old priests holding onto the buildings and the money of the earlier. You’d think the vocations crisis and its causes would be central to any pope at the moment, but no, the main worry is some elderly seat warmers. We should have expected this, Pope Francis is the first pope to have been ordained priest after VII. He doesn’t have even remotely any attachment to the ancient traditions of the Church. He’s part of the myopic 60s and 70s generation of priests that can only see VII as a wonderful liberation and renewal of the Church, not the total disaster that anyone with eyes can see that it’s been.

    • I certainly did not visit her blog, so I’ll have to believe you on your word.
      Looks like I am not the only one glad not to be her husband (anymore).


  2. I think the confusion aspect is the utmost in this crisis of leadership. Some headway had been made – perhaps slight, but headway still – in restoring in at least some Catholics a sense of obedience to Doctrine and what it meant to be Catholic. With this Pope, it really does feel like the 70s-80s timeframe, where confusion is supreme and the vast majority have no idea what to believe (in which they will instantly default to societal norms, which are so low as to be beyond the worst paganism of old Rome). We are treated almost daily to a wild variety of statements on numerous subjects, statements which have no consistency and which point towards very disorganized thinking. These statements have an impact! We cannot pretend they do not! At the very least, they are sowing massive confusion.

    This Pope is all over the map. In a way, he is the perfect Pope for our times, for his huge variety and wild careening from one topic to the next provide a veritable smorgasbord for cafeteria Catholics to choose from. If you don’t like what he says today, wait till tomorrow and you’ll likely be satisfied. But those who struggle to practice the Faith in whole are left bewildered. And more than slightly dismayed.

    • Well said.

      As I have already written, he runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds. To the religious sisters from South America he will say how passe’ the Rosary is, and how the first priority is to “do good”. To more conservative people he will point out he has kept Marini.

      Still, the way he thinks is clearly emerging, and he can’t even say he has kept Marini without saying he is “emancipated” in matters of liturgy. Most worrying is that he has not said a word yet to counter his astonishing statements, now known worldwide, about the rosary, the other practices of the past, and the CDF.

      I think he doesn’t care two straws. Very humble.

      That’s where we are…


  3. Whats utterly astonishing is the extent to which otherwise logical “Catholics” will go to defend and reshape all of this in what can only be described as tragic theatre. I guess that extends right into the Vatican as well. One would think someone there is at least scratching their head and asking, “how did this happen” while another camp I can visualize is rubbing their hands together and saying: “mission accomplished”. I’m left wondering if there is anyone left of the former? Defending the indefensible! Someone said to me recently that “millions are coming back to the Catholic Church because of Francis” and I guess my reply startled him, which was “thats what I’m afraid of” which of course led to what is almost a daily occurence for me, a quasi-debate/argument over matters such as the topic of this discussion. The aforementioned “flock” returning to the church is coming back for ALL of the wrong reasons, and we will be left with a much larger mess than ever before, but I think that has been the plan ever since VII….UGH! Thank you Mundabor, for this opportunity to vent. Next up: World Youth Day, the greatest opportunity to inculcate this new mindset yet.

    • I don’t think they are even “retuning” anywhere. They just love to say they are please with one who doesn’t seem to require from them that they are Catholics, or even believers…

      As to the Pollyannas, yes it is scary, but I think they need time to come to term with a wrong Pope. Those who believes that the Holy Ghost picks the Pope personally must be the most shocked, and deservedly so…


  4. I will remain in agreement with St. Louis de Montfort and all of the saints regarding the holy rosary and what true devotion to Mary is. Continuing to pray the rosary for Holy Mother Church. There is only one who creates confusion, and only one speaks against the holy rosary as an achor of faith. Please let us all pray for one another with the holy rosary.

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