The Homo Mafia and the Pope

Will the cleaning begin?

Will the cleaning begin?


I thought I would integrate the series of blog posts about the now fateful “chat” of our so pleasantly chatty Pontiff with his reflections on the “homosexual mafia”.

Firstly, the words of the Pontiff as reported. We are in the meantime assured even if we are asked to pretend they were not said verbatim (try another one; as if any religious group would dare to report the Pope’s words clearly as quotations of his own words if they weren’t, and with not one word denied by Vatican officers), the content is the same. So here we are:

And, yes… it is difficult. In the Curia, there are also holy people, really, there are holy people. But there also is a stream of corruption, there is that as well, it is true… The “gay lobby” is mentioned, and it is true, it is there… We need to see what we can do…

I didn’t understand the surprise at this, because it’s really nothing new. Besides the wild speculations about the 300-page report given to Pope Benedict in December, and probably what mainly moved him to resign, there is a matter of simple common sense that can only escape those who are so blinded by political correctness they can’t recognise an army of fags when they have it before them.

Sodomy is one of the worst perversions imaginable. The idea that more and more prelates express themselves in a way that indirectly supports it or makes it socially acceptable can in some cases be explained with extreme prostitution to the popular opinion, but one does not need to be a genius to understand that many among them must be perverts themselves. Again, it is a matter of logic and common sense. Alas, common sense is not so common nowadays, and is being substituted for common stupidity, because it looks nice.

Cardinal Danneels speaks in an extremely thinly veiled way in favour of so-called same-sex unions. Should his life not be scrutinised carefully? Cardinal Schoenborn promotes faggotry among the laity: is the suspicion of homosexual tendency not perfectly justified? Archbishop Paglia suddenly forgets two thousand years of Christianity: really? Why on earth would all these people promote such a horrible abomination? Purely to be popular? Or are they trying to satisfy the demons that have possessed them all their lives, giving an acceptable face to homosexuality?

Seriously, where do you think  all these faggots are, “somewhere else”? Where is “somewhere else”? Could they operate only from the Vatican without support from powerful friends outside who pave their way to Rome? Could a powerful “gay lobby” within the Vatican work without the favour of bishops and Cardinals in- and outside? For how long are we going to kid ourselves?

 It is, therefore, not surprising at all that there is a grave problem, or that this Pope – one who clearly doesn’t have his tongue under strict control, or under any control – would admit the existence of the problem during his friendly “chat”.

What is surprising, is that instead of using words like “we will have to eradicate this problem fast”, or “we must absolutely act on this”, he says “we need to see what we can do”, as if … there were things a Pope cannot do to tackle the problem. This is surprising from a Pope for whom “to do things” seems to be the first priority, and who had just told to the present(and I quote)

“I would rather have a Church that makes mistakes for doing something than one that gets sick for being closed up…”

Obviously, these are just few words among leftists friends, so I have not made of this the object of any post until now, preferring to deal with the vastly more important matter of the Rosary, or the other interesting matter of the religious orders,  instead. But as I do not have a great confidence that this Pope can do much else than chatting, I cannot avoid being afraid people far smarter than him (no scarcity of that, I am absolutely sure) will soon persuade him what he can do is really not much, and there is not even any reason to create chaos and give ammunition to the enemies of the church: after all, Bishop X will retire in only 12 years,  Monsignor Y can be moved to the next door office for a while, and Cardinal Z should be invited to pray much…

We shall see how this pans out. I wonder whether the Pope has read the famous 300 page report in the first place, because he doesn’t give the impression of being the avid reader, or the man eager to tackle different issues, preferring the easy and popular activities instead. 

Of course the Homo mafia is powerful within the Church.

Just look at what our clergy say, and you’ll have no doubts.


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  1. Sandro Magister has reported that Francis has retained a McKinsey & Co management consultant to advice upon sorting-out the Curia? Lord help us!

    • McKinsey?

      They are said to be brutal…

      but wait…

      will this not cost a lot of money?

      Personally I think the Kinsey personnel (hopefully not only one) will vastly raise the average competence in the corridors of the Vatican, whilst decreasing the average corruption.


  2. Oh yes, the easy and the popular. You should read the fascinating Wikipedia write-up about John Paul 1. He was seen as an intellectual lightweight with, for instance, his sermons mentioning Pinocchio. It says that he produced media-friendly sound bites with his “feel good” talk. Also, he was the first to abandon the royal “we” in favor of “I” and didn’t want to use symbols of papal authority, wanted to give away percentage of assets to poor 3rd world churches, chose humility as his motto, etc.

    It’s “deja vu all over again”.

    • I doubt JP I would have ever celebrated a Pinocchio mass. If one mentions Pinocchio talking to children (Pinocchio is extremely popular in Italy) is fine, if one uses him to rape the liturgy it isn’t.

      Paul VI sold the tiara to give the proceeds to the poor. Bad years, the Seventies.


  3. Mundabor,

    Teaching moment for you Brits and Italians, in case you didn’t catch the malapropism above. It was spoken by the famous late, great baseball player Babe Ruth.

    “It’s deja vu all over again”.

    Handy phrase, no?

  4. Actually the quote was from the famous baseball player and coach Yogi Berra.

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