“Homo Mafia”, Not “Gay Lobby”.


Let me tell you why I do not like the words “gay lobby” used by the Pontiff to describe the problem.

“Gay” means, as we all know, “happy”, “debonair” or “serene”. It doesn’t mean “pervert”. If a pervert starts calling himself “angelic”, he doesn’t become so, nor must we pander to his satanical self-delusion. If you don’t want to say “sod”, “faggot” or “fag”, “homo” will do admirably.

“Lobby” is also the wrong term, as lobbying is a perfectly legal and perfectly legitimate activity. This is in very sharp contrast to homosexuality, which is not compatible with the habit. It is not a coincidence that when the UK Ordinariate was instituted, it was said very clearly homosexual converts from Anglicanism would not be considered as priest. As a result, the homo activities of homosexual clergy are forbidden and are secretive, not allowed work of people who should not wear a habit in the first place; “mafia” is, therefore, a far more appropriate word than “lobby”. 

Therefore, I invite you to read “homo mafia” whenever the Pontiff, or other prelates, use the term “gay lobby”. “Gay” is not an acceptable term to define homosexuals. It is politically correct, untrue, and utterly dangerous because it allows the perverts to give a positive twist to their perversion, and to change its perception.

This is exactly what has been happening in the past decades, and one of the most important single reasons why we are now confronted with the institutionalisation of said abomination. Pay attention to the words you use, because words are powerful and can be used to change perceptions, which one day will reshape realities.

Again, exactly he situation in which we are now.


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  1. vermontcrank1

    Dear Mundabor. Amen.

    And, Orwell was right…


  2. Of course you are right on this matter. The highjacking of the beautiful and useful word “gay” to mean something so ugly is abominable. I am sickened that the pope uses this word in such a manner.

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