Pope Francis’ Inaction On “Gay Marriage” Gets Noticed

Experts were unite in the choice of the new symbol for Pope Francis' papacy.

Pope Francis’ Papacy in pictures.

From the favourite outlet of liberal cretins, and those who would love to become it:

This week we saw reports about Pope Francis cryptically acknowledging the existence of a “gay lobby” in the Vatican, about which he supposedly believes something has to be done. But if I were on a crusade against gay marriage, like Maggie Gallagher or Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage (both devout Catholics), I don’t think I’d be very happy with this pope so far. In fact, I’d say he stinks.


[several Countries introduced measure to favour perversion] And Pope Francis had nothing publicly to say about any of it. Zero. Zilch. Nada. He was busy washing the feet of the poor and tweeting about how selflessness is a virtue. Go figure.


Back when Spain passed marriage equality in 2005, Pope Benedict whirled himself into a frenzy, railing against it regularly. He told Catholic officials there that any support of the law would cost them their jobs and told secular public servants who are Catholic to flout the law and refuse to marry gays. He traveled to Spain and railed some more, oblivious to protests of his trip. From then on, he regularly attacked gay marriage, even calling it a “threat to the future of humanity.”

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Even the leftist retards at the HuffPo have started to notice that Pope Francis is doing perfectly nothing against the legalisation of perversion, and the perversion of marriage, whilst the entire planet is swept by a wave of sodomitical madness. 

The words “go figure” about a Pope waffling around whilst Christianity burns are extremely fitting, and well describe what this Pontificate has given us in these three months. What the author of the article hasn’t said is that this Pope has scandalised and offended orthodox Catholics like, very probably, no Pope before him, at least in the first three months of his Pontificate.

But hey, he smiles a lot. Must be a good Pope, then.

Mala tempora currunt.


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  1. Why the pope wouldn’t condemn sodomy and why he is not railing against allowing infants and children to live in households with two sodomists (men who stick their penises regularly into each other’s feces filled rectums) is beyond me. Does the pope think it is okay to rent a womb, jerk off and use the sperm implanted in the rented womb in order to have progeny? If he or other Catholic clergy think this is an abomination, they need to say so. The regular guy and gal in the pews don’t envision, can’t wrap their heads around it, are in denial. They think it’s all harmless, a matter of “equal rights”. What about the rights of children to know their mother and father and not be used as a commodity. No,I guess it’s more important to let the world know your shoes must be re-soled by an Argentine cobbler than to condemn such activity.

    • Oh, I am sure the Pope is against sodomy.

      My suspicion is rather than he prefers to be very public against those things that are convenient (do not be this; do not be that; say “good morning” to your neighbour; don’t neglect to water the plants…) but is very guarded when he must take a very public stance against something so much in fashion.

      If it’s humbleness, it’s one of a new kind.


  2. On Sunday, June 15, squealing, predatory homosexuals will ascend into Denver (from below, it is assumed) and pass by the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in the early morning for the Pride Parade. It’s sponsored by Coors Light, of course. Alcohol is the biggest facilitator of sexual promiscuity and misdirected moral decisions in the world.

    The Church is rife with blatant homosexuality, many “Catholics” accepting homosexual “marriages” and “unions” like they are child’s play. Last year, I attended mass at the Cathedral during the “parade”. The poor priest was urged – by the armed police that were called out for the occasion to protect Catholics in the Cathedral from the Homo Mafia – not to go near the front entrance. He stood cowering and chuckling nervously by a side door and left quickly after most parishioners were gone.

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