The Jesuits’ War On Christ Goes On.

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The news reaches us Cardinal O’Malley will boycott the latest anti-Christian initiative of the latest Jesuit-run institution. 

One must truly be stunned at the amount of damage this evil bunch of (real or honorary) atheist, satanic, homosexual bastards are doing to the Church.

It seems like the Jesuits want to go to hell en masse, and are bent on nothing but the most relentless war against Christ until the last one of them has kicked the bucket. 

Yes, there will be a small number of good ones among them. Very few, I suppose. But let us be honest, when I read of them, 99% of the time is because of the way they attack Jesus and the Church.

I have experienced the Jesuits in Wimbledon.  They’ll make your blood freeze, and I suspect they are considered moderates among their fellows.

The Pope is now a Jesuit. It’s fair to say…

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  1. I’d say Fr. Fessio is questionable to be included in this small list. But then again, I’ve become pretty turned off from all-things-Ignatius-Press, including who’s in charge.

  2. @Elizabeth – yes, I no long have anything to do with Ignatius Press, EWTN, patheos, or most of the “Professional Catholic Bloggers”. Santa Maria, ora pro nobis. Please pray for few good Jesuits. i know of at least one. They cannot be untouched by it all, and need prayers.

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