Ars Orandi, The Popes, And The Pious Life.

Stellar blog post from David Werling on Ars Orandi about Pretty Pictures and Pious Pelagians.

Besides examining the attitude of the last two Popes concerning the new trendy word, Pelagian – a word used very appropriately by Pope Benedict, whilst Pope Francis gives the idea of simply repeating words he has heard or read somewhere -, this excellent article touches an extremely valid point: the V II “spontaneous”, vague, fluffy, tofu spirituality (yes, the one lived and promoted by Pope Francis) puts upside down the very concept of living and practicing the Catholic Faith.

There are other themes that lead one to a rather worrying reflection (like the separation between the love for the “pretty pictures” from the love from the Truth they represent and should inflame one for; or the brutal, but so true statement of the one who would never allow the Pontiff to teach religion to his children; a very sad fact whose reality is in front of our eyes every day).

Still, what impressed me most is this convincing portrayal of modern Catholicism, in which devout Catholics are considered wrong for being thorough, for taking Catholicism seriously, and for counting their rosaries.

I will not say more, because I could not make justice to the author. You can do much worse than invest the time to follow the link.



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  1. You two are my favorite blogs…

  2. Ars is spot on with this one. I’ve preached on this subject several times to my flock. It is true that the whole dysfunctional novus ordo system is at best semi-pelagian and the majority of N O Catholics really don’t take their faith seriously. The rest suffer from a bad conscience… so looking at the pretty pictures assuages the guilt The problem is so endemic to the novus ordo and engrained that it’s hard to weed it out and ultimately has to be unlearned. It happens that some N O Catholics coming over to Traditionalism are often infected with this mentality and they have to be deprogrammed which is sometimes difficult…sorry to say.

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