Thirst For God… Even In Norway!

I notice again and again that even among secularised people a subterranean desires emerges at times, to know more about God. This desire has several way of manifesting itself, and is certainly not strong enough to move to a real search, to the determination to take the matter seriously; but it is probably fair to say in many it sits there somewhere in their consciousness like a mixture of mild curiosity to search, and acute discomfort at what might be found.

We have now a rather brutal example of this in one of the most atrociously secularised countries of the planet, Norway; where, as EF informs us, a new edition of the Bible has now become the best seller, dethroning Fifty Shades of Gray, a book certainly much more in tune with the country's psyche and attitude.

I have few doubts this new Translation will be an atrocious one, trying to erase Christianity from Scripture as much as it can. Still, the mere fact that people buy his book is, again, an indication of this subterranean desire to know more.

Whilst I personally consider suspicious every new translation of the Bible, as I imagine the desire to make Christianity more palatable is the main motivation behind such enterprises, it is probably better to have a bad Bible at home, than none at all.



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  1. You may not know this, brother, but in Tromso, a Carmelite convent was built by the local Protestant population and is thriving. The nuns are Polish, but came from Iceland. In addition to that, a Russian Orthodox monastery has opened in Norway. The spirit moves in mysterious ways.

    • The local Protestants build a convent? What is this, they don’t know the difference between catholics and Protestants or they are so appalled at the local hierarchy that this prevents them from converting? 😉

      Truly, God moves in mysterious ways…


  2. Mr. Mundabor,

    I can assure you that at least one secularist desires to know more about God and has taken enough action to read your blog.

    – B.

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