Building Churches


I was browsing around the German site of the SSPX, and one page was dedicated to their churches.

It turns out the SSPX has built up to now no less than twelve churches from scratch, and they have bought further eight. This is in addition to their almost thirty chapels.

Not only are these numbers very impressive in themselves, but it is also impressive to read the Society passionately explain why they build churches, and spend as much as they can on them, rather than using the money to, say, improve life in the Favelas.

Whilst all of you know the arguments, the element worth noting is that such arguments were very unlikely to be found on the website of your own diocese, where social work, peace ‘n justice, environmental claptrap or ecumenical rubbish are more likely to be found. Note the SSPX does not get a penny from the Kirchensteuer, either.

Some people have their priorities right, some others have them wrong.

Whatever the colour of their cassock.


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  1. And yet again this week Cardinal Timothy Dolan, arguably the most influential Catholic leader in America, uttered these words to an audience of Muslims on Staten Island:

    The cardinal asked questions about the Muslim faith and emphasized throughout his visit how much the two religions and their members have in common.

    “You love God, we love God and he is the same God,” the cardinal said of the Muslim and Roman Catholic faiths.

  2. We are in the wilderness yet the promise of Christ gives us hope. Thank you for not defecting.

  3. Yes, thank you. Many of the clergy are currently unable to lead us to the good pastures. These are not times to feel alone and it helps to keep true orientation on the faith once handed on to our fathers. Praying the Memorarae.

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