Meet Timothy Imam Dolan


The de facto Commander-in-Chief of the American Catholics today openly apostatised, officially declaring his abandonment of Christian dogma. Now allegedly moved by Mohammed, he went to visit a local Mosque.

Great was the joy of the still cardinal at being finally able to enter a place considered sacred by the followers of a child rapist. “I thank God that this day has arrived”, said the future Muslim cleric, overwhelmed by emotions after so many years of clearly outdated Tabernacles, Blessed Virgin statues, and worship of Christ and the Holy Ghost as God.

Mr Dolan, now slated for a position of high responsibility among New York Muslims, officially announced his abandonment of Christianity, explicitly saying that Muslims and Christians believe in the same God.

After the future Imam’s official betrayal of Christ, commenters are divided among those who think he is a retard and those who think he is simply a prostitute, with the second faction apparently prevailing for the time being. Sudden insanity has been excluded, and the still cardinal was reported to eat with the usual appetite today.

The new Imam has given a short outline of what he thinks leads to salvation: love of marriage and family, or children and babies is what saves. The Truth, the Way and the Life are clearly, to him, past sell-by date.

Coherently, he has called for Muslims not to lose their faith. Otherwise they might – God forbid! – become Christians…

The new Imam, who has declared Christians and Muslims love “the same God”, is on record for thanking the Muslim for letting him feel “part of the family”, and his blatant denial of the divinity of Christ and the Holy Ghost persuaded everyone.

Today, Timothy Dolan denied Christ, and truly became part of the Muslim family.


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  1. Just when you thought Laughing Boy Dolan couldn’t make a bigger ass of himself, he bows to the Molester of Mecca! What’s next, a visit to a Satanist coven?!

    • I am afraid this is the style of our (not so) great leaders during the reign of Pope Francis, and we are seeing only the beginning.

      Dolan sees that being a confused nincompoop pays and is positioning himself for the next round, well knowing Francis will appoint a fresh troop of Pinocchio Cardinals.

      I liked Molester of Mecca, btw, though the man did not limit himself to molesting…


  2. Nothing he does surprises me anymore. “We worship the same God” made my mouth drop onto my chest and subsequently drool was emitted.

    We have a local “Catholic” camp run by a convert (not that converts are bad, but this one brought her evangelical baggage with her.) Anyhoo, hanging with Protestants is encouraged because “we can learn so much from each other.” More mouth dropping and drooling…

  3. The problem (one of a multitude) with this kind of statement/action by Cardinal Dolan, is that if repeated enough times, it becomes entrenched in the dullard mindset of America, and perhaps the world. Very much like the “talking points” strategy so effectively deployed by the Democrat party on it’s minions, every day. I can hear it already: “Yeah, like we worship the same God, man, whats the difference? Why can’t we all just get along? Cardinal Dolan is a cool dude” ugh! Whats the name of that P.R. firm the Vatican hired again?

  4. Mac Kinsey has been allready hired in Germany by the archbishop of Freiburg R. Zollitsch.
    At first they had a P.R action with posters and so on.
    But then they produced a paper so called “Leitlinien” in this typical complicated academical geman.
    This paper was send to every parish counsil and every group in the diözese of Freiburg. They all had to disuss and comment the paper. Then all the comments were integrated in the paper (or not) and then everthing goes the same (bad) way as before.
    If the vatican really hires Mc Kinnsey I fear the worst.

    • Ah, to hire a consultant for PR work is so typical of the church in Germany… an enterprise aimed at the cashing in of the Kirchensteuer.

      I am very sad for the Church, though, not because they hired Kinsey to be their consultants, but because they hired Bergoglio to be the Pope.


  5. I fear we are going to see more and more of this nuttiness from prelates and priests everywhere. I know it has been bad for decades now but this Papacy seems to have given them a green light. I can’t help wonder if God in his providence has allowed this Papacy to emerge so that the whole sorry mess may come now to a speedy end and a return to authentic tradition can take hold. I think the “establishment” Church constructed after Vatican II is in full-on decline and its demise is irreversible. This continued harping on about the “fruits of the Council” in the light of the evidence all around us, is like a form of collective denial.

    • I agree.

      With the fox in charge of the hen house, what were isolated heretical statements will become more and more “mainstream”, because they are so in tune with a Pope who seem to think principles are secondary to “doing good”.


  6. My point was that TD also needs a “handler” or someone to give him screened talking points. Its unfortunate that the world at large is just fine with all of this feel good ecumenism…”its progress” and largely why allegedly, people are flocking back to the church in droves. Come Lord Jesus!

    • I can’t even seeing all those people flocking back to the Church.

      But even if it were so: well of course, if the Church renounces to be Church those who had left here because they aren’t Catholic might well come back.

      At times I think that peopel like Dolan would transform every church in a barbecue house, and when people of every creed or none come to the barbecue would say “look how successful we are: full church!”.


  7. How can anyone in their right mind take the post Conciliar Church seriously anymore with antics like this? I mean Dolan is a moron and a disgrace…granted…but the truly sad thing about all this is that it has been going on for quite some time so none of this is really surprising. Think back a few years to Assisi II and even further to Assisi I and even further… Nostra Aetatae…and let’s see…Dignitatis Humanae…and who could forget Unitatis Reingratio…may as well include all the rest of Vatican II…. please would you give me just a small break…

  8. Bet he got that picture taken in one of those booths at a fair. They never do you justice.
    And, hey! I didn’t know Muslims believe in the Holy Trinity! Learn something new every day from those NewChurch NewCardinals of the NewOrder.

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