Summer Is The Perfect Time To Dump Starbucks


The first weekend of summer has arrived, though from my window I can’t see much of it. 

Summer, who has inspired countless poets and filled so many hearts with joy and optimism.

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” the Bard asked some unknown beauty. 

We do not know whether the beauty in question liked the comparison, though we are informed she was more lovely and more temperate, and her eternal summer would not fade.

What we know, though, is that the summertime is the perfect time to dump Starbucks, and to give your money to enterprises that do not glorify sexual perversion instead.


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  1. I already have dumped them. You may be interested in this too:

  2. “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” just doesn’t have the same meaning in Minnesota. Summer here (at present) is stuffy and oppressive. The air is still and a thunderstorm is likely later on. Makes the aforementioned quote sound more like an insult. 😉
    And, getting back to the point, we ditched Starbucks, too. Not much of a sacrifice for us, but well worth doing.

  3. We just bought a refurbished Saeco espresso maker and it is wonderful! Will never go to Starbucks again.

    Summer is sublime here. Hiked six miles return to an Alpine lake (elevation 10,000 feet) today and the sunshine dancing on the water was beautiful. We drunk deeply of the scents of the forest as little critters scurried about and birds sung in the treetops. Wild clematis, columbine, bluebells and Indian paintbrush are in bloom. The beauty of it all was profound.

    I could really forget about Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Cardinal Dolan, and all the other depressing power brokers for a few hours!

    • It must have been sad to have to go back to the vale, and Pelosi, and Obama…

      Saeco has a wonderful reputation in Italy. What more can you ask from espresso makers…


  4. Your vote of confidence in the Saeco brand fills me with joy, M. We scoured the Internet for months trying to decide on an automatic espresso machine. We had a very good, relatively inexpensive Cuisinart machine for several years, but my husband grew weary of packing the grounds, and emptying and washing the basket each morning before work. When it went kaput, we started considering an automatic machine. We took the leap and now, with the press of a button we have a great cup of coffee. The frothing wand is deluxe for capuccinos! We considered a Jura, but in the end it was beyond our budget. We got a refurbished Saeco automatic machine for $399. When it arrived, it looked unused, as is often the case with refurbished. (Usually returned by the initial owner who experiences buyer’s regret, etc.) Espresso is proof that God loves us!

    • Last time I looked, Saeco only produced espresso machines (might have changed in the meantime). They knew they would prosper or die according to their ability in doing one thing: espresso machines.

      I think this says it all.


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