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You might not have noticed it, but those who have clicked around to take the temperature of the Catholic blogosphere have become aware of a widespread unease at Pope Francis’ latest exploits. Already weeks into his pontificate a good, young priest commented on Rorate Caeli and made no mystery of the fact he was scandalised by the Pope’s behaviour; another priest promptly assured him he has the same feeling. For any two to write, there are hundreds who think the same.

In addition to simple comments, if you read around the blogosphere you will even find blogging priests – I will not make names – expressing themselves with unusual openness about the problem they see in the Holy Father’s behaviour. The cry of orthodox Catholics has become so loud than in just a few days the “Guardian”, the “Times” and the German “Spiegel” have reported, and none of them has…

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  1. I am glad I am far from alone in disliking this Pope intensely. The internet means they cannot hide from us any longer, although of course it has the downside of allowing any buffoon, idiot or the plain pig ignorant (and so very many modern Catholics are just that) to comment on things which in the past they would not have been able to. But overall, the net affords faithful, authentic Catholics the chance to speak and show our total contempt for these heresiarchs, sodomitical clergy and useless Popes.

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