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The Broom That Wasn’t There

Possibly already out of date...

Possibly already out of date…

And it came to pass that the broom so loudly rumored decided to imitate the Pontiff and… did not show up.

Instead, we have a commission to look into the Istituto Opere di Religione (IOR); something actually anticipated by the Pope in one of his mane extemporaneous sermons, or talks, or off-the-cuff declarations, and did not surprise anyone.

This has been discussed for months now. If he did snub the concert for this, then we know with absolute certainty it was an excuse.

This Pope is, it appear, an enemy of money per se, so the idea of having a bank might not be entirely savoury to him. You see, to preach Franciscan simplicity and have a bank does not really strike the fantasy of  this fickle creature, “the people”. Therefore, he might well abolish it, causing the loss of around 120 well-paid jobs and forcing religious order the planet over to go to other institutions to place their money.

People like Barclays, who give money to Stonewall, come to mind.

So if he decided to shut down the shop (which I doubt, but you never know; the man clearly “hath no music in himself”, so he is fit for … a lot) we would end up indirectly financing Stonewall; at least we would end up doing it in an additional way besides those we already do not know.

Populism against common sense. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. My pint goes on a revised and improved Istituto Opere di Religione, but no killing. 

There are limits even to Franciscanism.


Proclaiming Christ Unto Death

“The Church exists to proclaim, to be the voice of a Word, her husband, who is the Word,” [the Pope]  said June 24, the feast of the birth of John the Baptist, who died a martyr.

“The Church exists to proclaim this Word until martyrdom. Martyrdom precisely in the hands of the proud.”

Beautiful words from the Holy Father.

Perhaps a phone call to the Imam in New York would be in order.


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