Proclaiming Christ Unto Death

“The Church exists to proclaim, to be the voice of a Word, her husband, who is the Word,” [the Pope]  said June 24, the feast of the birth of John the Baptist, who died a martyr.

“The Church exists to proclaim this Word until martyrdom. Martyrdom precisely in the hands of the proud.”

Beautiful words from the Holy Father.

Perhaps a phone call to the Imam in New York would be in order.


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  1. Phone call? Hey, call Tiny Tim to the Vatican to explain what he has to do to man up!

  2. vermontcrank1

    Dear Mundabor. These are bracing and true words but that is all they are. And we have endlessly heard such words since the opening of Vatican Two but every single time – every single damn time – our Popes stand before a crowd of non-Catholics they intentionally do not speak about the word.

    Just a day or two ago Our Holy Father stood before an assembly of Jews and he did NOT proclaim the word; he did NOT preach Christ and conversion as did Peter the first Pope.

    In Acts, we read of the Apostles going into Jewish Temples and Jewish Homes preaching Christ but when was the last time you saw or heard of a Catholic Prelate doing this? I’ll tell ya; never, that’s when.

    Ecumenism is the universal solvent dissolving the Catholic Church and the truth we are the Ark of Salvation outside of which all perish is a truth that has perished from the Catholic Church thanks to ecumenism and so all we get is lip-service and calls for the new evangelisation (which ended after V2) as though the old evangelisation which existed for one thousand nine hundred and sixty five years prior to V2 was ineffective or misguided.

    I ‘spose we ought we happy that at least we get to hear the, occasional, appeals to preaching unto martyrdom but the plain and simple ruth is if a Pope preached the truth to Jews that would end our phony dialogues with them; so much for martyrdom, our Popes will not even risk the end of dialogue by preaching the word to say nothing about our Popes risking their own lives by preaching the word

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