Vatican Homosexual Mafia Soon In The Defensive?

This here is rather self-explanatory.


We will have to wait to see what emerges more in detail. But this could be huge. When the domino pieces start to fall, there’s no saying when they stop.

It is ironic that this huge scandal would – if the information is accurate – be started by a disgruntled sodomitical former priest.

The ways of the Lord, and all that… 




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  1. You might say the disgruntled sodomite ex-priest is going to “read-end” his butty brothers, eh?

    • You mean “rear end”?

      Funny, that… 😉


    • Yeah, I meant rear-end. BTW, I hope the great queer victory here in the US in the long run turns into a complete disaster for our silly sods. I’m hoping they will push their perversity so far it will cause a violent counter-reaction that will drive them back into their closets for years toi come.

    • One can only hope this will be the case. But in order to do this is it necessary that Anglo-Saxons stop being so flipping PC and start calling a faggot a faggot.

      It is exactly the poisonous, dealy “politeness” of the Christians that is allowing the minions of Satans to obliterate Christianity from Anglo-Saxon Countries.


  2. Judgment begins with the house of God.

  3. I’ve heard rumors about this in the past few years from different sources.

    • Yes I remember a trial after an article (if memory serves) from “L’Espresso”, but if the four bishops are confirmed this might become a huge “broom”.

      The Vicar has denied everything, apparently, and called it slanderous.

      We shall see.


  4. Just a further instalment in the everyday story of Vatican folks. No surprises yet. I was just listening to a programme about the fall of the Chinese Han dynasty which was caused apparently by the jealousies and scheming of powerful eunuchs in the imperial court in AD 220. Nothing changes.

  5. Could you link to some of the Italian news reports with the denials? Which Papal MC?

  6. vermontcrank1

    Remember just before the conclave when the story broke that the Vatican had purchased offices in a building that also housed the biggest homosexual bath house in Rome?

    Tell me the Vatican did not know that fact before the purchase was made and yet nothing was done about it was it?

    For DECADES Holy Mother Church has refused to confront this mephitic evil straight on and now we will, once again, be the laughing stock of the world and more and more laymen will just walk out the church door to never return

    The Catholic Church gives grave scandal and its epicene ecclesiastics sicken me.

    More and more the SSPX will be seen as a safe haven from this decadent dilletantish dialoguing crummy collective.

    I hope Pope Francis has the cojones to clean house but I do not think he does. Sure, a few sacrificial goats will be thrown out of their plush quarters but the Daughters of Trent know they have little to fear in the way of a complete house cleaning.

    • Can’t imagine the bishop (talking of Bergoglio here) would have the chutzpah.
      But the Italian prosecutors certainly have. See last post.

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