Oportet Ut Scandala Eveniant, The Sequel!

Not for fags.

And it came to pass that the credibility of the former priest who had denounced the existence of a ring of pedophile priests apparently was (and I quote from my previous post) “a whining queen desirous to slander as many as he can”. So much so, that Rorate reports the man is now under arrest. 

My take on this, before the wetties begin to cry and to run to mamma:

1. It was not only very right, but the salt itself of Democracy that La7 (and Michael Voris) made the news public. The time of complicit silence towards the filth of the elites has gone, and the Vicariate barks at the moon if they think they can play victim now. The Vicar should not have had sodomite priests among his ranks (albeit defrocked in the meantime) in the first place. Let the Vicariate be worried about the homosexuals in their midst, rather than about the free Press of a free Country. The problem of sodomites within the Church is extremely serious and I have the impression the Vatican clergy are the only one who still do not get it, and try to deflect the attention instead.

2. The fact that the priest in question may turn up to be libellous does not mean everything he said was necessarily wrong. He might, for example, know some “meeting points”, and have slandered some of his enemies saying that they go there, and the like. As a faggot priest, he may well know enough to interest a prosecutor anyway, if said prosecutor thinks the ex priests has information leading to the discovery of criminal behaviour (pedophilia, but not sodomy, that Italy has stupidly decriminalised like almost everyone else in Europe).

3. The Vicar has expressed full confidence in the work of the judiciary. This is typical Italian parlance for ongoing investigations.

I will not publish any comment critical of the behaviour of the press. When people complain about the filth in the Vatican corridors but shoot at the free press that is one of the best checks to this corruption not only in the Vatican but the world over, it truly makes me sick.


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  1. Well said – giving some of these people the benefit of the doubt in the past has led to cover ups – as you say, leave it to the Italian authorities to investigate – they are not frightened of anyone – as the king of Bung-Bunga land found out.

  2. Michael Voris uncovers multiple Vatican scandals!!! Stop Press!

  3. That video made me laugh my ass off! I’ll give it five he-haws up!

  4. vermontcrank1

    Dear Mundabor. Pedophile? 90% of the sex crimes committed by queer clergy were committed against adolescent males – not children.

    The Press is pro-sodomite so they refuse to identify homos as the perps (thus, pedophiles) but it almost always queer clergy who commit these sex crimes – including those committed against children

    I spent scores of hours on websites exposing the fact that The USCCB had as its President and Vice President, Homo-Hugging Bishops who were involved in ordaining known predatory perverts or hiding them away after their sex crimes and this AFTER the Boston Globe stories hit.

    And I live in a Diocese which had two consecutive queer Bishops who were exposed as active queers who had committed sex crimes against adolescent males and they were allowed to escape Palm Beach County Florida Diocese without spending even one night in jail; they should be in the slammer right now and until the end of their miserable lives.

    I do not trust The Pope or The Hierarchy as far as I can throw an Audi when it comes to this perversion which has polluted the entire Church. The Hierarchy does not have the balls to confront the queers because they fear the Press more than they fear God.

    It is truly a pathetic state of affairs that we Christian Catholics MUST rely on the cops to clean the queer crap out of OUR Church because the Hierarchy refuses to do so and it has refused to do so in the person of every single Pope from Pope Paul VI up to the time I am writing this

    • Pedophile is the word that was used, and I personally tend to believe homosexuals – many of them prone to ephebophilia – are rather more likely to be pedophiles than heteros.


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