Oportet Ut Scandala Eveniant

Michael Voris was right. A major Italian Television channel has now confirmed all the main details: a ring of priests sleeping with minors – boys, but also girls -; one of them now singing like a canary bird with the Italian prosecution service; a big investigation in full swing as you read. Very probably, this was the object of the surprise morning meeting of a couple of days ago.

This day must, for us, be a day of rejoicing. It is good that such scandals happen. Actually, it is a blessing. The filth was there already, the scandal is merely the way the filth emerge, for all the world to know and for the culprits to be punished.

If you think the Italian prosecutors are as lame, or stupid, or corrupt as the many sissies sullying the magnificent offices of the Vatican, think again. Italy has the best justice system of the developed world, bar none; one in which prosecutors are completely protected from any undue influence from the Ministry of Justice, do not have to seek elections, and are part, together with judges, of a professional body called Magistratura, a body that is entirely self-governed. This is how an astonishingly rich tycoon can be in Government so many years, and the Prime Minister to boot, and never manage to shake them off his back.

Again, I do not know any other country in which neither the ministry of justice nor the fickle electorate decide what is important and what should (ahem, cough) better be left aside in order to get career rewards, or the means to fight the next election. In Italy?

Not. Going. To. Happen.

Of course, what we will have to see now is whether the canary bird is one with credible and verifiable information, or a whining queen desirous to slander as many as he can in order to drag as many of his enemies as he can in the mud with him.

Even if the latter is the case, this does not mean that there is no homosexual mafia within and without the Vatican; of course there is, don’t you listen to the “inclusive” and “charitable” sounds coming from the Vatican, and elsewhere? We merely don’t know who the perverts are.

Now, if anyone – from the Pope down – has ever thought this matter can be dealt with in the usual John Paul II way (that is: hush-hush, no scandals, send a couple of them away, and that’s that) the involvement of the Italian justice has put an end to this once and for all, and this someone will soon realise – if he is Italian, he has already realised – that he had better bracing himself for a new and rather harsh reality. As the entirety or almost the entirety of the criminal offences must for obvious reasons have been committed on Italian soil and involving Italian citizens, the Italian prosecutors will move the steamroller on this, and I can’t see a bunch of faggots succeeding where even Berlusconi has parlously failed for two decades. I actually doubt that many of the suspects have Vatican citizenship in the first place, which will make things easier; in addition, may I point out that the Italian justice system has trials in contumacia, meaning a bishop or Cardinal can be prosecuted, trialled and condemned even if absent. They might escape jail, but they will be destroyed. Ask Marcinkus.

If there is some truth in the allegations – a big “if” – you will soon see the difference between the way of the Vatican and the way of the Magistratura. Once again, not even a Vatican intervention with the Italian government would achieve anything. The Italian government is utterly powerless to stop or even influence any prosecution. This truly is one of the Italian traits of which yours truly has always been most proud.

Ask Berlusconi how does he like to have the Italian prosecutors on his back. Pause. And rejoice.

Oportet ut scandala eveniant.


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  1. quiavideruntoculi

    What is done in the dark will be brought to the light.

  2. Well Mund, I do hope this scandal will force the do-nothings in VC to action on cleaning out the Lavender Mafia. What we really need is a revitalized Inquisition that will root out the bum-bumpers in VC, and from there, go on a world tour to eliminate the problem in other parts of the world. Hey, I can even see the Holy Office (as the Inquisition used to be called) selling t-shirts promoting the tour. They would be best sellers with ticked-off Catholic everywhere!

  3. The Lord’s justice will slip in through the open cracks that satan’s smoke escaped through.

  4. vermontcrank1

    Dear Mundabor Wow. Many thanks. You REALLY opened my eyes about the Italian Justice system. God Bless you, sir. You are a GREAT resource, sir

    • Thanks, VC.

      With all his problems, Italy is a country where many, many prosecutors are not afraid of the Mafia – actually, the Mafia is afraid of them -. These kind of people aren’t likely to cave in to a couple of phone calls from some high prelate. This is, BTW, why the entire magistratura – both judges and prosecutors – enjoys a high reputation in Italy.


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