The Truth, The Medicine And The Dog

Very interesting Vortex today, and Michael Voris is absolutely right in pointing out how difficult it must be nowadays to be a good priest without exposing oneself to sanctions or worse.

Outside of the SSPX, that is.

Particularly interesting, to me, is something Voris does not say but about which I would like to make a short reflection. 

Listen to Voris from around 2:40, and tell me in what the prelate he describes diverges in his act and way of talking from the current Pontiff. I certainly can’t imagine the present successor of Peter behaving like the first one at Pentecost.

More likely, he would write a book together with Caiaphas, and receive a blessing from some of his colleagues.

Well, I thought it just had to be said.


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  1. vermontcrank1

    Dear Mundabor…That touche drew blood 🙂

    Also, it is too bad that Voris is too timid to note that Pope Peter was preaching to the Jews that they had killed Christ and that they had to convert

    • I think Voris follows a line of criticism of bad clergy that was very valid in the past, but will become more and more embarrassing when it becomes clear the fish stinks from the head down, and the head of this particular fish stinks more than any other from the start of VII.

      We must obviously pray that the Holy Father may find the right way, but I won’t hold my breath.


    • atsa4you,

      the link you posted is very representative of the kind of crap so-called Catholic outlets spit every day.

      “Break with Catholic Church?”



  2. Mundabor, does a true Catholic priest have an advocate in Papa B? It seems I agree with you when I say no. I think every day, “Poor Father!” when remembering the Novus Ordo priest in prayer who spoke so elequently about the prospects of Hell for those who do not listen to God. Surely, I heard the sizzle of flames extinguished from satans’ exit from the hearts of the people in the pews! I saw the steam rising from a few turning heads when his sermon ended! Surely, legs were readied to march for Christ against those who would send us to Hell!

    For this priest, who is wise when it comes to morality, I cannot imagine the suffering of living under Vatican II while still remaining its priest. The teachings are so lame, so insane, so irreverent, and its lies so pervasive that anyone who contemplates the lessons and wonders from whence they came and whence they go would be devastated – filled with dismay, frustrated, angry, confused, wishing to part from its stench forever. In the presence of the Saints, good priests cry, “Where is the place for morality and holiness in this environment? I need to know. If I lead someone to a truly moral life, how much will they suffer? How much am I putting them at risk of being excluded from the Church, from society, from their families because of their choice to do God’s will? And me – what about me? Where is my place in this Modernist Church? I have no support. Have I lost my ground because I have failed to turn away from God? Something stands over me like a roof – a solid roof – keeping me from righteousness, imprisoned forever with no prospect of release because of my beliefs.”

    Yes, Mundabor, pray for these good priests. And cry with them. Lord, send Thy angels to minister unto them!

  3. Dear Mundabor. Amen; and, as the days go by the SSPX looks better and better, doesn’t it?

    Once the old gals start dying off and once the latest episode of fags is publicly played-out chasing away the few remaining men in the church and the Magisterium notices its collection basket is empty, watch them come begging for the SSPX to save them – irony can be fun, no?

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